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Top 3 Skills for Network Marketing Beginners

The excitement mixed in with a little bit of ‘what did I just do‘ might be kicking in. Above all else know that you are now part of a powerful industry. One that has changed thousands of lives worldwide. And, we don’t want you to feel lost so this post is specific to network marketing beginners. We are going to outline for you the top 3 skills we believe you should get familiar with as early as today.

To be totally transparent with you – these skills should be revisited whether you are brand new or not. It’s always important to revisit the basics when the magic first starts, right?

Here we go!

Top 3 Skills for Network Marketing Beginners

Skill Number One: Building Relationships

This is THE skill that will cause your business to grow – consistently. Too often people rely on the network marketing industry as being a ‘numbers game’. And in some ways sure the more people you speak to the more relationships you can build, right? However, the relationship in that interaction should never be overlooked or dismissed.

There are people that when we were active in the network marketing space that didn’t join us until years later and ended up crushing it. Why? Because we maintained our relationship. Network marketing beginners (or those around a while) should always keep the relationship at the forefront. No one should ever be treated like a transaction. 

Here are a few things to get you started;

  1. Be a human first
  2. Become an active listener
  3. Stay authentic and genuine
  4. Ask (and care) about them, their family, career, needs, wants, etc.
  5. Reach out to a handful of new people a day – keep the conversations going!

Skill Number Two: Building Belief

In our opinion, network marketing beginners are almost at an advantage here. They (you) are brand new to the industry and you’re fired up! This is often where the belief is the strongest. You caught the vision. The key when speaking to prospects is confirming that belief.

This isn’t something you can prove with words exactly, but it will be done through your actions. Here’s an example; you are speaking to someone in private messages about how excited you are. However,  moments later you create a post on your Facebook about how discouraged you are.

Dig deep and find your belief so that when you are speaking with prospects it shines through everywhere. This also includes having belief in your products. Often, network marketing beginners joined their respective businesses because of a product – tell your story!

In turn, this will help others you connect with find their belief in the message you are putting out there.

Here are a few things to get you started;

  1. Be a product of the product
  2. Stay connected – company calls, regional events, teams
  3. Share your excitement with others (without mentioning the business)
  4. Right down your goals – make a plan
  5. Connect with an accountability partner or community

Skill Number Three: Following Up

One of the hardest skills for people to master – in any industry in the follow up. Learning to master this skill early on will help network marketing beginners stay consistent throughout their journey. Many times we are left feeling like we have no one left to speak to, right? Meanwhile, we have an inbox of messages or voicemails we never got back to.

Often, following up is more nerve racking than the original exposure. Finding the right language that you are comfortable with – and that is effective is imperative.

Here are a few tips that can help you get started;

  1. Open back up the conversation where you left off
  2. Ask your prospect if there was more information they needed from you
  3. Consider inviting them to chat with a leader or upline (3-way)
  4. Use your company tools available to you – videos, calls, webinars, etc.
  5. Share with them something cool coming out – or what has you excited

Some Closing Thoughts …

Know that you are going to be OK. In fact, if you learn to master these skills from the beginning of your journey – you are going to be better than OK. It is so common for feelings of overwhelm to kick in if we haven’t established some type of routine – or plan.

Start with the basics and stay there a while. The basics is where people built network marketing business for years and years. We’re in a relationship business – become a master at loving people where they’re at and leading from the front.

The rest will follow.

We would love your thoughts on this piece for network marketing beginners! If you are brand new let us know how these tips work out for you. And, if you have been around a little while what’s the best piece of advice you can offer someone just getting started?

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