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5 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

You have probably found your way to this blog because you want to become a network marketing leader. First and foremost, not everyone joins network marketing to be a leader. In fact, some people are quite content earning a couple hundred extra dollars every month and that be it. Whereas others, want the whole package. The income, the team and the title — leader.

What is a Leadership?

Leaders help themselves and others to do the right thing(s). They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to ‘win’ as a team; and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring.

Sounds enticing, right?

And, in most cases it can be but it will take work. Leadership can also be exhausting. It can lead you to a place of putting out fires, managing drama, coping with naysayers, managing promoting/rank advancements, crunching numbers, losing sleep — and so on.

Unless, you are prepared. And if your intention is to one day become a network marketing leader, we believe that you should prepare yourself. This should start with self. You need to be the best you, to lead the best ‘them’.

Network marketing leaders have people gravitate to them.

Leaders in any niche for that matter.

A leader is the authority. They are the person that people want to join, buy from, and seek answered from. The most important thing you can do in your network  marketing business is to position yourself as an authority. We have talked a lot previously about posture and positioning. This is one of the main things we teach about in our Facebook Live course for example, is you are the expert. Own that.

In this post, we want to take you through some of our top recommendations when it comes to learning how to become a network marketing leader and more importantly, loving it.

5 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

Step #1 — Create (and possess) a Vision

What do you want to become? What will your legacy look like? Stop focusing on the income, and focus more on who you want to be — for yourself, and others. Picture yourself in a better situation, without justifying where you are.

You have to see yourself better than you currently are or else your vision isn’t big enough. This isn’t to suggest you are unhappy where you are — but what could be different? If you don’t see your situation getting better, it won’t.

Goals are not enough – they have to be partnered with a vision of who you want to become. All network marketing leaders have a vision and they bring people into this vision.

If you don’t know yours yet — that’s OK, start working on it now.

Step #2 — This is your business, not a hobby

There’s a direct relationship between how much you invest in yourself and your results.

This is critical. You have to invest your time, and often money. You can’t make a significant income without investing in yourself. I’m sorry to say it so straight forward like that, but it’s true.

When my wife and I hired our coach, that changed our business greatly. Having someone who is an expert in the field or niche you are striving to be successful at — and lead, is powerful. It is something that can’t be self taught effectively, in the same amount of time.

You can perhaps accomplish the same thing searching out free trainings all day but it will take you much longer. It would be like trimming. your hedges without clippers — scissors perhaps. Free is often your most expensive option. Look at the leaders around you, what are they doing? A true network marketing leader likely has a team of people they work with, and who support them.

We can also assume they attend every event, training or course they possibly can. Why? Because they are consistently refining their craft, learning from the greats and applying their knowledge.

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Step #3 — Content Creation

You will not find even one authority who doesn’t create content. Search any top network marketing leader and you’ll understand what we mean. Whether it’s live videos, blogs, reviews, podcasts, etc., they all create some type of valuable content.

Do you want to know the fastest way to become an authority?


But, in order to teach, you must first learn.

Therefore, invest in your education, knowing that it is creating your platform of value.

Step #4 — Serve your Audience

Most people get too hung up on one prospect because they don’t have an audience that celebrates them. A network marketing leader doesn’t have a scarcity mindset. To build an audience, you must learn to generate leads daily. Leads, meaning new relationships, potential prospects, friendships, etc. And yes, daily.

You then serve those leads with solutions. Perhaps you do this through a Do It Yourself Live video, or a step-by-step posts on Facebook. Maybe images are your favorite and you create quotes to share motivation with others. Regardless of the medium you choose — just do it.

Serving requires action, and becoming a network marketing leader will require action.

Step #5 — Lead by Example

Last but certainly not least. We appreciate this may sound a little cliche, but we prefer necessary. If you are looking to become a leader in the network marketing space, you have to lead by doing. There really is no exception to this. If you want your team to prospect, prospect. If you want your team to recruit, recruit. When you want your team to create Facebook Live videos, get on Facebook live yourself!

Point being, your team will do what you do. After all, they are looking up to you in hopes that you will lead them to great success in the home based business industry.

Although their goals, why’s and vision may vary from yours — the end goal is the same, freedom of some sort. Be it financial or time — Freedom.

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Network Marketing Leader

Become a Purple Cow. Even in an industry like network marketing, there is going to be competition. To become a network marketing leader, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from others in the industry.

Seth Godin explains this in his book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, a stand-out product is the key to success. We might throw in there — a stand out product accompanied by  a stand out human!

We would love to hear your thoughts on leadership and becoming a network marketing leader. Is this something you are working towards? Or, is this something you have attained already? We would love to hear those stories too! 

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