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This Network Marketing Mistake is Costing you Money

Social media marketing has become a must-do for businesses and network marketers. Yet, many people are making errors that are holding back their growth and giving the edge to their ‘competitors’. If you are knew to the industry, or getting back to the basics, you’ve probably burnt out your warm market. You have probably made at least one network marketing mistake, right?

Perhaps you were the billboard or the copy and paste guru.

And now? You’re feeling like there is no one left to talk to. You’ve made a list that includes everyone you can think of and they’ve all said ‘no’. Or, they did support you in some way and that’s awesome (but uncommon). So here you are thinking you’re tapped out. You are convinced that this is the end of the road.

But what if we let you in on what you are probably missing out on. Because, it’s actually right in front of you.

This Network Marketing Mistake is Costing you Money

… and we have put together a Free 3-Day Challenge that is going to help you fix this mistake.

And fast.

Because every moment you let pass you by is costing you money. What if we showed you in just 3 days how you could literally triple the number of prospects and/or recruits for your business? Sound like maybe this would be something helpful for you and your teams?

As we write this, there are already more than one thousand (1,000) people registered for this challenge.

Because like you, these network marketers are tired of making the same network marketing mistake over and over. Like you, they have goals they want to reach if not crush this month (and every month thereafter).

Here’s the deal we know, there are a ton of mistakes people make everyday in their business. And, this is all part of the journey — for sure. However, it is incredible how this particular mistake that we are going to solve on this 3-day challenge is right at everyone’s fingertips.


Let’s look at a few of the most common network marketing mistakes …

First, you are or have, focused way more on the ‘product’ than you have the person. The reality is, your prospect doesn’t care about you – hear us out. Sure, it’s great that you may have earned (x) amount in the industry or maybe you’ve won some big award – congrats. But, being a successful network marketing has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your prospect. Save the self-promotion for another time.

Second network marketing mistake people make ….

… hunting instead of feeding.

There was a great analogy we came across that describes 2 people when it comes to prospecting;

  1. The hunter who is waiting at the blind waiting to get the deer or,
  2. The person on the park bench with a handful of breadcrumbs for the birds.

Who would you rather be? If you are anything like us you chose the park bench. Too often people are trying to scope out the best person to talk to and their value for others starts to fall short. Don’t stray from delivering value just to hunt down a ‘deer’ or two.

Value wins every single time.

You’re not meeting people where they’re at…

This, would be the third network marketing mistake people are making. Listen more than you talk. The person who talks most should be your prospect. Because when you are actively listening to the person — they will tell you everything you need to know. Too often we jump too fast talking about thousands of dollars when all this person wants is a few hundred.

Let them tell you where they are struggling and allow them to open the door for your help or solution.

Go back to using the FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation) methods. Find out more about your prospect and the things that matter to them. We promise, you will close a lot more sales or recruits as a result.

Now, these are all mistakes that can be corrected in no time – but, there’s only one problem. Each of these mistakes require a prospect to talk to, right? So, when we consider the last point of listening to others and identifying a gap or need this is where we come in.

And more importantly this 3-day challenge.

The Biggest Network Marketing Mistake that is Costing you Money is ….

… NOT talking to your cold market. Failing to network with others who you haven’t met or connected to yet.

Not everyone you meet will lead to business, but for every person you meet you suddenly know everyone they know. In other words, they might not be able to help you, but somebody they know could. You just need to ask them, but you need the relationship first.

Which leads us to this …

If you are a network marketer who struggles reaching out to new people, not knowing what to say or how to bring up your product or business….

This challenge is for you!

In this 3-day challenge you will learn how to;

  1. Overcome your FEAR of reaching out to NEW people
  2. What to say and HOW to say it
  3. How to instinctively Share Your Products or Business and NOT be Awkward

Magic happens in cold market, but most don’t know how to approach it’

What we should mention is with this 3-Day Challenge there will be prizes! The only catch, because we know that’s where most people’s minds go is that you have to be registered to be eligible to win. There is nothing to purchase, no pitch at the end – simply, we want you to succeed.

We want to help you triple the amount of people you recruit into your business by the end of this year. It’s 4th quarter – it’s time to level up would you agree? Hope to see you on the inside > REGISTER HERE

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