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Learn how to be Effective with Network Marketing Online

Today we want to take you through a short journey of where we found ourselves several years ago. We were in a position many network marketers find themselves; in other people’s living rooms more than our own. Sounds familiar? We knew that we wanted to begin network marketing online using social media but didn’t know anyone in our company doing it. Well, at least to the level of success we wanted (and needed).

When we made the decision to go all in we failed, a lot. Our company thought we were crazy – no one had ever gone to 6+ figures online there before. How could we ever build a business without being belly to belly. Building relationships online couldn’t be ‘a thing‘.

Well … after several years of trial and error we created more than ‘a thing‘. We created options and opened doors others never imagined possible. We went from almost justifying our methods to teaching them. And now, we want this post to help anyone wondering or even questioning the social media world for network marketing.

Network Marketing Online is Possible.

In fact, thousands upon thousands of professional network marketers have taken their business (almost) 100% online. Some use websites but most are on social media. Now, the only downfall about this is that a whole wave of people found their way online doing it all wrong. You know these ones. They are the ones who are spammy, super salesy and probably ones you’ve unfollowed.

We have dedicated our last several years to teaching network marketing professionals how to build network marketing online the RIGHT way.

Know, Like and Trust

We know – you hear this a lot. But, we can’t stress this enough. People will buy from those that they know, like and trust. To accomplish this relationships are key. There really is no exception about this. Even with a strong referral system the new buyer needs to feel it too.

Remember people will always recognize how they feel, they won’t always process what was said.

So whether you are meeting in a coffee shop belly-to-belly, or meeting on Facebook for the first time – relationships first. Put away your fancy pitch or 11 second elevator pitch – be a human.

Focus on who you are – Not your company

That feeling of ‘I want to tell the world that XYZ company is the best!!’ happens to everyone. That excitement is real – and it should be! And sure, you believe they are the best and that is critical to your success long-term. However, please do yourself a favor and keep the focus on you, not your company.

There are a few reasons why we suggest this;

  1. Companies come and go (sorry)
  2. People join people, not companies
  3. Know, like and trust starts with you

… among others but these 3 are the primary.

People (and brands) can last just about anything.

Whereas, if you spend all of your time with network marketing online about your company – what happens if the company shuts down or you need to relocate?

What if your prospects come across something negative online (which happens) about your company and they don’t know enough about you that they trust the good. Or, how will they know the support and love they’ll get from you if all you ever talk about is the company.

Lastly on this topic, what if they don’t want to be the social media billboard you are creating for yourself? Be conscious about what information you are putting out there – in our opinion, mentioning your company should (almost) never happen.

Surround Yourself with Others who are Doing it!

This holds true for most things. Being around others who are doing it (and have done it) is powerful stuff. We knew that when we shifted from the network marketing space to helping network marketers build online – we needed to create a community.

It was imperative for us to create a safe space that others could learn from, receive support, bounce ideas, participate in training, etc. We know that there are others out there who were in similar positions like we were. The lack of support when building network marketing online is real. And, it can start to feel especially isolating and defeating in a lot of ways.

Our Social Impacters Community was a vision only a few years ago and now home to thousands of online network marketers. It is something that we take great pride in and are always pouring into. And, whether you are joining us new or even joining our 6+ figure earners in there – it has become a home for everyone.

In other words – if you haven’t joined us there yet, you will want to do that now.

Welcome home!

In closing, if you stick with the simplicity of the 3 things we mentioned above;

  1. Know, Like and Trust
  2. Be you
  3. Surround yourself with Community

… your success is just around the corner. The basics in just about anything will never fail you. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world revisit them regularly. They act as a friendly reminder and help us stay grounded to what has worked time and time again.

I used to dream of days like today…now we live them every. Single. Day.

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