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Network Marketing And The Dealership Sales

You are a network marketing professional, your goal is to attract customers and new distributors to your business. Operative word, attract. So why do we go at it like we’re the car sales person at the dealership?!

Picture this …

You made the decision to purchase a new (or used) vehicle. Arrive at the dealership, you’re excited – if you are like me you have your family with you. It is probable that you have done a bit of research so you have an idea of what you want, but you want to see it. up close and personal. Walk around a little bit, maybe even take a seat in the drivers side and imagine yourself driving it. You might want to turn a knob or lift a compartment. You want to really feel if this is the right fit for you.

But then it happens …

You don’t get to experience anything you had imagine the process to be like, because there he (or she) is – the car salesperson. They start with a ‘hi how are you today, how can I help’. You reply with something simple like, ‘just wanted to look around’ – *small smile*. Instead of staying at that – they proceed to tell you about everything from what features they like, to interest rates, to colors available, what they had for dinner, and all things in between.

Any of this sound familiar in your network marketing business?

First and foremost, it’s totally OK for people to want to ‘look around’. Because the best part of social media is if they have already approached you (to some degree), they’re watching. Chances are, they are already interested. Something you have said or posted caught their attention. Focus on that. Similar to that of the car dealership, you have already walked in there.

It is entirely possible you have made a loose decision to buy before even going in. The likelihood of you reaching out for help to answer your questions is far more likely to happen had that salesperson just let you be. You may have even requested a test drive. But now?

Awkward, to say the marketing

Bottom line, people don’t like pushy.

Don’t be that guy

Consider being of service versus selling when it comes to your network marketing or direct sales business.

Recruiting should be about service, not so much the selling side. You are not out to convince people to join your business, but rather to introduce them to your opportunity with the intention of helping them make some positive changes in their lives and bank accounts. Introducing people can look like a variety of things. When we are talking about social media and Facebook this can be achieved through curiosity posts and/or cold messaging techniques.

Before approaching anyone about your business make.a decision, decide to come from a place of curiosity and non-attachment. Leave your agenda (and any baggage) at the door. Learn to put other people’s needs and desires first. Your prospects will feel your sincerity, and be more open to your questions and suggestions. Value first.

How do I say this next point nicely?

Be quiet. Listen more, talk less. Unfortunately, we fail to do this more times than not when it comes to the industry of network marketing. That verbal diarrhea kicks in, often despite our best intentions – and as a result repel more than we attract. And, what’s the kicker is if we just listened, actively, we would realize that our prospects will in fact ‘give us’ anything we need to know when it comes to the sale or the close. Sure, ask questions to find out what is meaningful to your prospects.

Ask about their job, income, family life and kids. (use FORM) What are their goals? How do they want to spend their time? Create freedom?What does their idea world look like, and do they have a plan to create it? The goal? aim to spend 80% of your time listening and only 20% talking.

Would that ideology have made a difference in our car dealership salesperson, scenario? Is this something you can relate to, picture or implement in your direct sales or network marketing business? Love to hear about it.

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