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Network Marketing Do’s and Don’ts | Posting on Social Media

When it comes to network marketing do’s and don’ts on social media, it is very important to understand how these tips will benefit your social media presence. And, if you are a network marketer who is looking to build their business using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. this matters. A lot.

Although there is a great saying; ‘Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward’, by John Maxwell if you had tips to avoid the fail from even happening – wouldn’t that be ideal? In our communities, we realize that many people make similar mistakes when it comes to social media. 

Almost always, they have to do with 2 main areas;

  1. Giving away ALL the information and,
  2. Not piquing interest (enough).

To meet the goal of maximizing your presence, here are a few social media do’s and don’ts that will help you avoid the mishaps, so let us dig deep into those.

Network Marketing Do’s on Social Media

  1. Ensure you have a complete profile filled out. This is applicable regardless of the platform you are using. Now, each platform will require slightly different content but overall, the biggest of the network marketing do’s is a powerful profile. Give people a reason to want to reach out to you!
  2. Be authentic and unique with your content. Make sure that the content you are sharing is in alignment with who you are, always. Avoid posting something you came across just because it was ‘popular’ – unless of course it’s a reflection of you and your brand as well.
  3. Relationships are always first. Whether this is a brand new relationship you are looking to build or an existing one you want to nurture – relationships are always first.
  4. Use quality visuals. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to be a famous photographer … What it does mean however is avoid using grainy or blurry photos. Do yourself and your brand a favor when it comes to the images you post. Take the extra time it takes to get great shot!

(for more ‘do’s’ … be sure to check out the video include in this post below)

Network Marketing Don’ts on Social Media

  1. Avoid being spammy and needy. Remember, your positioning should be why your audience needs you not the other way around. You are a human not an advertisement, never lose sight of that.
  2. Proof-read your content. Mistakes happen (we get it!!), but take a few moments to proof your content before hitting publish. Many times, a quick read through will help you uncover errors that can be easily fixed in a moment. Avoiding mistakes helps your audience focus on your content instead of poor spelling or grammar.
  3. Avoid hashtag overuse. Yes, using too many hashtags can hurt you. Especially on platforms that are not totally reliant on them either for their search functions. Using a few hashtags is totally fine and take a few extra minutes to seek out relevant ones instead of what you see ‘trending’.
  4. Focus on quality over quantity.  Never, base your success (or lack thereof) of the number of followers you have. The moment you shift your content delivery to attract quantity over quality, your business will suffer long-term. Why? Because attracting your ideal prospects should always be the goal. Quality wins every time.

(for more ‘do’s’ … be sure to check out the video include in this post below)

If all else fails, remember to ask yourself when posting, commenting or sending a message: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? We would love your feedback in the comment section below – what was your toughest lesson learned when it came to social media? Any network marketing do’s and don’ts you want to share?

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