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How to Start New Conversations with Prospects on Facebook

When you are actively building a business, its success can often be directly related to the number of people you are speaking to. And, we know from many of our clients that starting new conversations can be tough. Specifically, new conversations on Facebook.

You might find yourself stuck in wondering how to open these conversations — what do you say? Is there Facebook messenger etiquette? Will they think I’m just trying to sell them?

If copy and paste has been part of your strategy this far, please scrap it. Real, genuine conversations are what foster and nurture relationships which is turn can lead to sales. So, whether you are in a business of tangible products, digital services, consulting or coaching — be a human first.

New Conversations Lead to New Opportunities

One of the first books I read in the personal development space that impacted my life was How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I took away some great nuggets that have served me very well over the last 13+ years. And, for the purposes of this post I want to focus on two of them;

  1. Name
  2. Compliment

… and the third one I would like to add to this formula for new conversations is QUESTION.

I truly believe based on my own experience using this formula and seeing my clients’ results that this could truly take your new conversations to an entirely new level. So let’s keep this simple … Humans, love hearing their own name in conversations. It demonstrates an underlying respect, that someone took the time to ‘remember’ it and, in a lot of ways helps us feel special.

You will probably agree with me that when building your business online this becomes a whole lot easier since their name is right there for us to use, right?

Perfect — start using it! 

Second nugget I felt was perfect when initiating new conversations what paying the other person, a compliment. It might involve something as simple as referencing a recent picture they posted or accolade they are celebrating. This does a couple things;

  1. Brings their resistance and objection down and,
  2. Makes them feel pretty good!

Make sure you plug into the above video where I give a pretty detailed example of how to weave both name and compliment into your conversations seamlessly.

Last but certainly not least — my addition to this proven formula by Dale Carnegie is; Question.

Open Ended vs. Closed Ended Questions

What is the difference?

Webster’s Dictionary tells us that; Closedended questions are those which can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no,” while openended questions are those which require more thought and more than a simple one-word answer.

So you tell me, what type of question should you be using in these new conversations?

Here’s a hint: ALWAYS lean on open ended questions. They help keep the conversation going and will often allow you an opportunity to ask/speak more.

Will you start using this formula in new conversations on Facebook? I would love to help you use this formula effectively so be sure to drop a comment below and we will make that happen!

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