new customers from using live video

How to Get New Customers from using Live Video

Are you looking to acquire new customers from using live video? If so, this is the blog for you! In my own humble opinion, live video is among the BEST ways to bring new customers into your business.

The formula I am going to share with you, is applicable to those in the network marketing, direct sales and small business space. And quite frankly, it can be applied to anyone using social media to grow (and scale) their business.

Before we dive in, I want to encourage you to leverage your personal profile. For example, Facebook and Instagram (IGTV) have provided you with the tools necessary to ‘go LIVE’ without requiring any sort of technical knowledge. You simply hit the button and their platforms on the back end, do the rest.

In other words, you just need to show up.

Let’s go.

How to Get New Customers using Live Video


What I hear often from my community and clients is this: I have NO idea what to talk about on video! And, my response is simple — talk about things you know something about. You should choose to focus on generic value;

  1. hobbies
  2. interests
  3. gardening
  4. sports
  5. boy mom, girl mom


… and so on. These are ALL relatable topics that your audience will connect with. Additionally, when you share things you are passionate about and/or love and enjoy doing — this shares a personal side to you which is KEY.

Fat too often, people jump on live video just to sell something and, you can probably guess that eventually these videos start to develop resistance. People may choose not to view in future if every time they see you, they’re feeling sold.

So, you might be wondering how do I get new customers from using live video if I’m not selling …

Well …

This is where you can SHARE something about the topic that would be of value to your audience. Let’s say for example you’re in the network marketing industry and you are ‘selling’ collagen and sleep aids. You can create a TON of content around the benefits of collagen, your favorite brand, why sleep health is important, etc.

Tie in a story about how you weren’t sleeping well and this has been a huge solution to your issue (pain point). You can share this value and these stories without selling anyone directly. In fact, when this is done well, your audience will reach out to you for the solution and THAT is the goal.

Provide value, generate interest, offer solutions.

Here is my 5-Step Formula for Creating Live Videos


  1. Create a strong title related to the value you’re about to deliver on
  2. Include an intro to who you are. At the beginning of your life video, simply introduce yourself and a little about what you do (or why people should listen to you)
  3. Include a hook following the intro (be sure to watch the video above for a solid example of this) 
  4. Content should be 2-3 bullet points of value (how-to’s, tips, tricks, etc.)
  5. Always include a call to action (CTA) at the end — what do you want people to do after they watch your live video?


With this formula, start with the end in mind. What goal are you hoping to accomplish with delivering it? Since we’re talking about new customers using live video — think about your product or service, and what does it serve?

Why would your audience benefit from its purchase? After all, the goal should always be ‘what will benefit my customer’ in this case NOT how much you can sell.

I appreciate going live can be intimidating, I GET it. I’ve been an introvert my whole life but when I realized the magic that can be created delivering value to my ideal audience … going live became non-negotiable. Now? I LOVE connecting with my audiences through live video (including those on replay).

If you want to grow your business, you can absolutely acquire new customers using live video.

I whole heartedly believe that!

If you want more ideas of where to generate new customers for your business, be sure to download my totally free list with 11 places to find your next customer using social media.


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new customers from using live video