New Years Resolutions Suck

New Year’s Resolutions Suck, Here’s Why

New Year’s resolutions are tough. We’re lucky at best to make it to the end of the month before we start coming up with reasons that they are failing, will fail, and so on. Think about the gym analogy – New Year's ResolutionJanuary they are packed! Gym membership sales are through the roof (and keep in mind they market that way as well) and by February, people like myself who frequent the gym, almost feel like we have it back once the masses have fallen off.

The same can be said in business and the goals that go with them. Why is this? I would like to think people have the right intention when they make them, but then why do they fail? Why are New Year’s resolutions so difficult to stick to?

Here Are Four Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Suck And What To Do Instead

1. They’re usually goals you don’t really care about. Most resolutions are made based on the ‘should’ mindset – ‘I should eat better’, ‘I should work on my time management’, ‘I should read more’, ‘I should talk to 10 people a day’. These things aren’t actual goals, goal setting is much deeper than that. They’re based on the level of thinking that ‘I will improve my time management’, ‘I will lose 10 pounds’, ‘I will grow my business’. The key or pivotal part is that you are passionate about what you are setting out to do – and that your motivation isn’t from the broad spectrum of everyone is setting these New Year’s Resolutions.

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2. New Year’s Resolution goals are almost always set in the negative. Resolutions at the onset of a new year, are often created to drive us away from something undesirable, versus drive us to something desirable, like being in debt, overweight, smoking, etc. Shift that thought process in what you desire; coping with stress in a healthy way, becoming financially free. A good goal, and likely one that will stick around is one set with positive intention, not negative.

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3. They’re often poor formed goals. Most New Year’s Resolutions goals are set far too general, vague almost. The most successful people set goals with intentions, specific action steps to attain them. For example; I will increase my business profit. Set targets, set deadlines or time frames, set steps to achieve them. ‘I will speak to 10 new people a day between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. every single day except Saturdays.I will achieve this through the social media training I’m learning with Coach Fryer’. Those are clear, specific intentions – all focused on the increase my business profit goal as the end game.

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4. They don’t give you a deep enough reason to push through the tougher days. If your goal doesn’t excite you, have you passionate, maybe even make you a little fearful, then it’s unlikely they will motivate you to keep on track and consistent on the tougher days. You might find your excuses become bigger than your goal, and eventually that’s when they slip out of sight and become that New Year’s Resolution you couldn’t keep.

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Create Lasting Change

Decide how you want to feel, and align them with a positive thought. Avoid running from something you don’t want to see in your life, instead center the goal around something you do want. Once you’ve established what those goals are, identify the patterns or behaviors that have been keeping you from achieving them in past. Determine what isn’t helping you and evaluate where you need to adjust. As a side note, a business coach or mentor in the area you are looking to make changes is a great option. Sometimes, we find ourselves almost too close to the ‘problem’ to even identify it. Ensure your goals are specific and concrete. Ones that are measurable with clear deadlines.

I hope this was helpful in not only me identifying why I believe New Year’s Resolutions suck, but have prompted you to think beyond them. Dig a little deeper even.

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