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8 Places to Find Your Next Recruit on Social Media

In this post, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of where to find your next recruit on social media and, how to approach them. Because here’s the deal, of all my coaching clients, and audience through my social media the most common obstacle for people, is recruiting.

I often hear a lot of things like, ‘I have run out of people to talk to!’ or, ‘the market is saturated’. And, if you are leading a team, or groups of sales consultants, you probably are familiar with those phrases too.

So, although we have touched on the various ways to message people through Facebook, or how to use attraction marketing, I wanted to spend a bit more time on where to find these new people, and how to add them to your network!

Please keep in mind, there are also a number of ‘offline’ ways to find your next recruit, but for the purposes of this post, and training video I have included, I want to stick to strictly online.

Why? Because it is what I did and I believe we need to learn from those, who came before you. I also choose to build and grow specifically online because of the time freedom it allows me with my family, while my coaching community still receives all the benefits – from the comfort of their own homes too! (or the beaches of the world)

And, this is some pretty powerful stuff – because you may not understand this yet (but you will), but even if you’ve made no money in network marketing, even if you haven’t sponsored a single person or the next recruit in network marketing. And even if you don’t feel like you have any type of ‘credibility’ yet, you can leverage social media in a big way to build your business even though you don’t have results.

This does not mean I plan to teach you on any type of fake it to make it scenario. What it means is I want to teach you how to position yourself in the market place aka social media, how to present yourself in a manner that reinforces the people join people notion, and lastly where are ‘these’ people! Knowing this formula, and these handful of steps I will share with you today, can change your business world – completely.


8 Places to Find Your Next Recruit on Social Media

Place #1 – Warm Market ‘Friends List’ for Finding Your Next Recruit

These are people you are already connected to you – They may be long time family friends, know from church or perhaps they are people you want to school with. This group of people may also be people you have ‘met’ online more recently, perhaps you are connected through a Facebook Mommy Group, etc.

Now, I also want to throw in a small disclaimer here – there is a right way, and a wrong way on how to approach your warm market when looking for your next recruit in your business. I want to encourage you to not spam them – don’t use guilt trips, or asking for a favor.

Instead, focus on that relationship you have with them. Learn ways to take it to the next level, surrounding your business, but not forcing it on them, and certainly not begging them! Consider using the F.O.R.M. strategy (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation) this will help you to ask the right questions, which may in fact result in you discovering a need and having the ability to offer them a solution.

Place #2 – Facebook Messenger for Finding Your Next Recruit

recruit more

This is a topic we have spent considerable time on, because of its effectiveness. It is another free application downloadable right to your smart phone, that allows you to connect with people in real time. Bottom line? Another area to use the F.O.R.M. strategy, and great place to cultivate the relationships you already have existing, or one you are starting to build upon.

Unfortunately, too often in our profession is we get caught up in the ability to ‘hide behind’ a phone or laptop and for some reason think we can simply skip the whole getting to know you piece. Using options like a voice note in your messages is a nice personal touch – and often one that will allow you to stand out from other messages they may already be receiving.

Remember relationship and connecting should always be your first priority. People will tell you all you need to know, you simply need to listen.

Place #3 – Friends of Friends for Finding Your Next Recruit

Here comes another disclaimer – this does not mean you should go to your ‘friends’ pages and message or send friend requests to all their friends. This is not, okay. What I mean by friends of friends is this; since you are learning to share value on your page, or refine the value you have already been sharing – this may be through thoughtful statuses, or Facebook Live. Chances are, you existing friends, will start to interact on those posts or videos.


Interaction from your friends, will then start to expand your reach to friends of friends, and even the overall public (providing how you have your privacy settings set up). Imagine you create a solid content video, and your friend shares it on their page – to her audience. And, since you were the creator of the video, value, content, etc., anyone in that friends audience will likely come to you to see out the source.

Since you are already connected with ‘the friend’, it almost establishes this underlying trust for the new party – and suddenly, you are familiar, and an expert to an extent. This is powerful stuff.

So make sure you are sharing value, and relevant content.

The best way to increase the interaction here, is to create more! (and be consistent!)

Place #4 – Leaving Comments for Finding Your Next Recruit recruit more

Here is my recent observation; most people are quick to hit that ‘like’ button, but aren’t always as inclined to leave a comment. Please know, this could be a pivotal moment. I challenge you, to comment on at least ten (10) of your friends posts, videos, pictures, etc. each day.

These comments should be ones you spent some time on, they are authentic, genuine, meaningful. Perhaps they offer value even in relation to the post of course.


Great tip in this video – thanks so much for sharing that with me today!

‘Love your thoughts on essential oils, never thought to use peppermint for headaches!’ 

This does two (2) things – among others I’m sure – but… 

1) It sets you apart to the friend. They are aware you have taken the time to read their post, or comment on the picture – people like to be heard.

2) As humans, we’re naturally curious. So a well thought out comment, may encourage anyone else seeing your comment to reach our or connect with you.

The simplest tweak in how you interact on social media, especially when it comes to finding your next recruit, can be super powerful.

Place #5 – Facebook Groups for Finding Your Next Recruit

I am sure you aren’t surprised to know that Facebook is one of my favorite social media platforms to be on – especially for network marketers. And, Facebook Groups can be an incredible place to connect with others, when used properly.

This does not mean to go be a billboard on the groups timeline, it also doesn’t mean you should connect with everyone in the work from home groups or expect everyone to jump at the chance to work with you.

Let’s think outside of the box for a moment – consider joining groups that contain your interests. Do you like to swim? Crochet? Golf? Find these groups, join them. You might be thinking to yourself ‘coach Fryer, why would I join a Golf group when I am selling night cream?’. And, this would be a valid question.

Here’s why: The people in these groups, already have a common interest as you. This makes for an excellent conversation starter, and to some degree creates this blind trust, because it allows for an almost instant connection with one another.

Place #6 – Business Pages for Finding Your Next Recruit recruit more

Do not use this as a platform to pitch and spam others business pages, including their fans or followers. This will not help you gain the right type of attraction. What this platform is used best for is this …

Have a look at the business pages you already follow, and enjoy. What I encourage you to do, is spend about 10-15 minutes leaving comments on at least 10 pages. Again, similar to the comment authenticity we spoke of earlier, but share something of value – or hey great product (if you’ve tried it of course), share a kind word, or you favorite quote. Anything you can sum up in a sentence or two, max.

I suppose you could view this as one way of leveraging someone else’s efforts. They have worked to create an audience, a following, and this is your opportunity to take part in it – with value. This is. your way to put your face, your name, your brand, into the eyes, of others.

Place #7 – Blogs, Websites, Forums for Finding Your Next Recruit

Now although this may not be viewed by everyone as social media, I think that when it comes to the topic of finding your next recruit, that blogs, websites and forums apply here as well. Think about a time you were on a website or blog site and you really enjoyed the content, or perhaps it provided you with the information you were searching for.

Did you stop and leave a comment?

This is simply another platform that you can use to share your value with other audiences outside of your existing one. Think about it, if you sold a great makeup brush, and found yourself on a makeup tutorial blog – this could be an opportunity for you to share information about your brush!

NOT, as an advertisement, but find a creative way to incorporate the brush into your comments.

Think about the traffic that website or blog might see, and while they are there, they also see your well thought out, content and value rich response. This, could be a game changer.

Forums, this can be another great way to find places of interest online, that have people that have similar interests as you – even a place for you to help others. These platforms are typically similar to those of Facebook Groups.

Place #8 – Pages of Influence for Finding Your Next Recruit

recruit more

Now, this strategy is similar to the ones relating to ‘leaving comments’ & ‘business pages’, however; there is one distinct different. These pages of influences should be ‘famous’ to some degree. Let’s take Gary Vaynerchuck for example – fan of his? Turn on the notifications for his posts – this will notify you once he has posted new content and allow you to have ‘first movers advantage’. The same can be said about a page called Positivity that I like to follow.

Ever notice the first comments on top Facebook Pages are typically the ones that gain the most traction through likes or replies? This isn’t because the other comments aren’t great (well maybe!) but it is because the thousands of others who were coming to see his post, also saw that first comment.

This strategy can be implemented for any ‘top person’ that you follow. So, using the same strategy as leaving comments, do the same for these – always including value where possible, emojis are fine (just don’t get crazy!) .. and even share here and there why you follow them.

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As always, if you got value from this information, please comment below and share on social media and with your teams.

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