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4 Reasons your Online Business is Struggling | Network Marketing

Many businesses struggle to use social media to generate more revenue. Most know they need to but do not know how. Here are a few of the major reasons that I believe your (as a network marketer) online business is struggling.

First and foremost — even before I dive in — becoming successful online takes time. And, could be a lot of time. It took me years before our blog and website became a consistent and useful tool for our audience. Additionally, it takes time to build up a large social following.

There is no way around the fact that it simply takes time to build a successful online presence for your business and without commitment and persistence it simply won’t happen. Consider this as small bonus or ad lib to the following reasons.

4 Reasons your Online Business is Struggling

So, if you are being consistent in your content and value — GREAT! This means it might be time to have a closer look at what’s going on. Chances are, and sorry to say so, but your business is more than likely struggling because of one (or all) the following reasons. And without causing you any reason to panic … there are simple fixes to these things. Once we are aware of the ‘problem’ we’re in a perfect position to correct it!

Stop Focusing on your Agenda

One of the primary reasons your online business is struggling is because you’re focused on you. When creating posts or having conversations with prospects — this means you are focused on your goal. And that goal, is like a sale or recruit, right?

Make the prospect dictate the agenda. Be an intent listener. What are their wants/needs? Taking the time to listen, and making the prospect the focus will change the outcome. They have a problem and you have a solution — listen for an opportunity to help them. Focusing on helping yourself, helps no one.

You’ve Developed a ‘Take’ Mentality 

Like any relationship there should be a give and take. However, when it comes to building new relationships with your audience and prospects — work on developing a GIVE mentality almost exclusively.

Give value. Show them love. Deliver on promises. Fulfill what they’ve asked for.

Gary Vaynerchuk has a great analogy on this — ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook‘. In simple terms the jab is the give, the right hook is the take. Make sure you are giving before you position yourself to take.

Self Promotion Trumps All

Over the course of a few months in our Facebook Community, I would create a post along the lines of members being able to drop their Instagram handle to gain more followers. This was not the purpose at all for these posts (sorry!) … The self promotion and engagement on those posts would soar into the thousands. Whereas other posts, received engagement sure, but not even close to those posts.

Your prospects — both customers and distributors — can smell self promotion from a mile away. Want to know why your online business is struggling? Start with this one — audit yourself!

Your Ego is Driving your Actions

My good friend John Melton often says; ‘your ego is not your amigo‘ … he couldn’t be more right. Ditch the ego. People don’t per say care what YOU do. They care when they know what you can do for THEM.

Great leaders and entrepreneurs are always learning from others. They don’t pretend to know everything — they play on their strengths and outsource the weaknesses. Check yourself, regularly.

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online business is struggling