Online Community for Network Marketers

Online Community For Network Marketers

Last week, I shared with you a bit of my story, or come up if you will in the network marketing space (you can check that out here along with some great tips on cold market prospecting) and I wanted to add some more substance to why I shared my online community for network marketersstory. Why do I believe that social media is such an important tool for all those in business to learn, master and grow. I know what it did for me and my family, and that’s why I created an online community for network marketers and direct sales consultants. 


I spent considerable amount of time, money and effort to learn and master the skills, and to some degree it became a calling to teach and share them with others. I knew I wanted to create a safe space for education, systems and tools to implement immediately, and more importantly shorten the learning curve for others. Given that most of my success, and community was already found on Facebook – I knew I wanted to cater my online community for network marketers there too. I knew I wanted an inclusive community, and/or home for others to grow with a coaches help, my help and my industry experts whom the community is gifted with every single month.

I wanted to eliminate the stigma, the myths.

My mission, my goal is to deliver truths, tried and tested methods that work.

No more “here’s what I think will work” or “here, try copying and pasting this message”

No. Stop that.

When my project got started, when it began to shape into this amazing online community for network marketers, I was blown away by how many people join a company and are mislead, misguided, left alone to figure it out. It was disheartening. People were essentially led on this path to fail, to quit, to give up. I don’t want that for you.


What To Expect In My Online Community For Network Marketers

  • Bi-Weekly Live, In-Depth Training
  • Monthly 6/7 Figure Earner Webinars
  • 24/7 Support Via Private Facebook Support Group
  • Accountability, PDF Downloads
  • Text/Email List + Webinar Vault Access

Yes, ALL of that in the monthly subscription to the online community. 

But wait, there’s more.

Should you make a commitment to your business, yourself, your family, and your why – and opt to take advantage for 6 months at a time you now only get access to all the things mentioned above, but you also …online community for network marketers

  • Exclusive Access To “Private Convo Mastery” Course
  • Priority Email + Live Chat Support
  • Discounted Access To All Digital Products
  • Option To Become Community Affiliate

You might be thinking to yourself, “why does Coach Fryer do it?!” I do it because I am committed to seeing men and women,
just like you who are tired, fed up, or simply wanting more in their business. I am committed to helping, coaching and mentoring you to be better. And hey … maybe you can relate to some people in my community.


What Are Others Saying About The Online Community For Network Marketers?

Before I found Brian Fryer, I didn’t know what to do and I hated the way all my teammates were teaching social media! They told us just post before and after pictures and the products and company name.. The whole 9 yards and I didn’t want to spam my friends. Brian found a better way and he knows what works now! In a time where everything is constantly changing, you need a coach that is up to date and knows his stuff! – Ryan Marks

“I have learned so much from these training’s and I could not be more excited about how this has turned my mindset around. My business is growing and I am getting so much positive feed back from my customers and followers. I also feel like I now have more confidence to be able to guide and lead my team to reach goals and inspire them to achieve great things. I’m so Thankful for all that this community has done for my business.” – Courtney DeCarr

Unfortunately I’ve been doing ‘spam marketing’ for 8 months so a lot of people are already well aware of who I am and what company I am with; however, using what Coach Fryer teach in this membership area has already changed the whole game for me. I have 1 new customer and 4 new leads in just a week of genuinely giving it my all. Best part? Being told that I was an answered prayer. – Stephanie Hardy

[each testimonial was used with consent of the member]

I know that tools such as;

  1. Systems
  2. Leading by Example
  3. Recognition
  4. Community
  5. Accountability

…are pivotal in the success of others. I promise you, this online community of network marketers has set the bar high, and my intention, my purpose is to exceed those expectations, every, single time. Your success in business isn’t a monetary factor for me – but I can tell you it’s bigger than that – seeing others in the community succeed, attain new levels and smash new goals is one of the most rewarding feelings ever.

I don’t just want to tell you how. I want to show you how.

See you on the inside! 

If you do not currently have a coach or mentor that is teaching you HOW to be successful on social media, click here to join our private coaching community now and connect with me on Facebook.

As always, if you got value from this information, please comment below and share on social media and with your teams.

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