Find Yourself Overcommitted to your Business?

Do you ever find yourself overcommitted to your business?

Ever find that you look at your calendar and feel a sense of ‘ugh,’ overwhelm or frustration about the lack of space? Forget about taking time with your family at your favorite spots or having lunch with your spouse at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Instead, you have to be back in 40 minutes for a critical zoom meeting with a prospect, which you still need to prepare for!

You wish your schedule felt more flexible, with available time to be creative and get ‘real’ work done. But instead, your day is booked with commitments and, frankly, non-income producing activities.

This is an all too common situation for ambitious entrepreneurs like us.

Suppose you need some relief and belief that there is more to this. This is the blog for you.

I believe that this blog will be one you will be able to refer back to when that overwhelm creeps up. Because sure, a full calendar can be exciting and rewarding, right?

But, finding that balance as humans we desperately crave is so essential.

Business Should be Busy, Not Overwhelming


Please note being committed to your business is the first key to success – of course. However, there is such a thing as being overcommitted, which we want to help you with. Additionally, avoiding will help eliminate burnout. 

Network marketing is an industry we see a ton of that, unfortunately … 

And, one of the largest’ complaints’, if you will, is the lack of time, let alone the time freedom they were after.

Block out time for meals and rest. Sometimes we get so hyper-focused that we forget to eat (crazy, but true) When we are not taking care of ourselves, it is impossible to do our best work. 

Therefore, self-care should not be optional. 

I do my best to block out times in the day that include our prayer time, meals, and the gym. While our days tend to be pretty packed, having this structure makes us feel happy and cared for. And we need to take care of ourselves.

Another note to this is sleep. Somewhere the was this false assumption that working 20 hours a day and sleeping for 4 hours a night was the entrepreneurial thing.

Guess what? You will experience times in your business – we get it. But this should not be an everyday thing. Being overcommitted can hurt you in the long run. It sounds almost impossible to some, we’re sure .. but it’s true.

Sleep is so crucial to our bodies. It helps with;

  1. memory retention
  2. concentration
  3. fresh thinking
  4. mood

.. and more. Stop depriving yourself of this, please.

Determine your top priorities book those into your schedule. 


What are the top 1 – 2 income-producing activities that will generate the most growth in your business? Maybe it’s reaching out to 10 new people a day. Perhaps it is a webinar or zoom conference. But, on the other hand, it could be creating new content for your posts, reels or Facebook Live.

Make sure those top business priorities get scheduled into your calendar every week before anything else. This will ensure you don’t become overcommitted, and they fall by the side.

These priorities might be:

  1. A weekly time to regroup and get in your follow-up conversations or calls from the week before.
  2. A 1-hour session every Tuesday where you reach out to other influencers or experts about collaboration opportunities to get you in front of your ideal prospects and customers (example: being a guest speaker in their Facebook Group, speaking at their mastermind event, being interviewed on their podcast).
  3. Create a content schedule that you will commit to weekly on consistent days/times.

Have character-building conversations – and remove things from your calendar that no longer serve you. 


Maybe you committed to something that felt exciting at the time, but now it’s feeling more like a burden. You may think you have to follow through because you told people you would and don’t want to disappoint anyone, right?

This may be an offering of your business that’s no longer working out as planned. An event you were planning to attend or a time-consuming favor for a friend. Those favors can start to add up.

If your heart’s not really in it anymore, seriously consider letting it go. It’s not serving anyone for you to do the thing that is making you miserable. Not you, and indeed not the audience.

Depending on the situation, you may want to pick up the phone and talk it through with the other person. My clients use our private Facebook community or Voxerr even.

Open up to them over a voice memo and let them know you’re available for a call to discuss it further. Avoid ending a commitment via email — relationship marketing is no place for an impersonal out.

A little vulnerability, authenticity and personal responsibility can go a long way.

People appreciate it when you’re being honest with them, even if it’s not the thing they want to hear. However, even letting them know you have overcommitted yourself and the timing right now isn’t right. Managing this will dictate future opportunities (should you seek them).

In summary when it comes to being overcommitted …


I wish I could tell you that what we’ve just described will be easy, but it’s not.

Primarily if you are known for being a people pleaser or a yes person and putting everyone else’s needs before your own.

As you get ready to make 2022 your best year ever? 

Which of these three things will you implement? 

As a quick simmer or reminder, they are;

  1. Block out times for meals and rest (self-care is an absolute must!)
  2. Establish your top business priorities and put them into your schedule (sort of like insurance that you will honor week in and week out)
  3. Have character-building conversations – and remove things from your calendar that no longer serve you (which may mean disappointing some people but honoring yourself and your business needs in the process)

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