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Overwhelmed and TOO Busy to Build your Network Marketing Business?

Pay attention to what you are telling yourself. Seriously, listen closely. Is that voice inside your head saying ‘I’m just too busy and overwhelmed to build my business‘? If you are, you are not alone but that doesn’t give you a solution either, does it?

Just like when people experience the fear of success, if you are stopping yourself because you’re too busy to build your business can hold you back. In HUGE ways.

Whether you are:

  1. building your business alongside a 9-5
  2. trying to balance your business while taking care of your family
  3. juggling a whole heap of other responsibilities

Well, this is a very likely form of self-sabotage that you might be dealing with. And the problem is that it presents itself as your reality.

Overwhelmed And Too Busy But Want To

Let’s start with the latter of that sentence because, the truth is if you don’t want to build a business, none of the strategies we share here will matter. And above all else, they will not be effective. However, if you are someone who desperately wants to and just can’t find the time, read on.

Eliminate the Overwhelm by Blocking out Time Without Exception.

In other words, let’s assume you work 40 hours a week. This leaves you with 98 hours left in your ‘off-work’ hours. Now, ideally you are seeing up to 8 hours of sleep each day .. so now we’re down to 42 hours of ‘awake’ time. We get it, you want to spend time with your family – of course you do. And so, even if we said 30 hours a week are dedicated to family time. This still leaves you 12 hours.

By chunking up your time you will start feeling less overwhelmed and things will become more practical on how to make working on your business possible. Now, even if we cut those 12 hours in half resulting in 6 hours, you could consistently work your business 6 days a week for one hour each, or break it up into any days you could be consistent. Imagine what you could accomplish in 6 hours.

Use Commute Times for Education and/or Learning

You have more than likely heard the phrase Drive-Time University. The difference between hearing it then and hearing it now is we want you to actually do it. Gone are the days of having to consume any entrepreneurial education via textbook. Most books are available via audio or podcast and almost always some form of download.

And, many times they’re free too. Use your commute times either via transit or driving to educate yourself, reinforce your mind, skills or otherwise for your business. Personal development and actionable content are perfect for consuming on your rides. Use these ‘dead times’ productively.

Strategic Timing

Be intentional with the time you spend on your business. Here’s an example; let’s assume there are 4 categories of your business you want to focus on …

  1. prospecting, networking
  2. following-up
  3. training or company calls
  4. social media inclusive of content

If we went with the 6 hours a week that we broke down above determine how to divide up that time over the course of the week. Prioritize your categories from 1 through 4 with 1 being the most important. If you are unsure which ones matter ‘the most’ take a good look at your existing business and uncover where you had the most success to date.

Without taking up too much time on this and becoming even more overwhelmed here is our suggestion (in order); social media and content (1), prospecting (2), following-up (3), and training (4). Although we believe that training is important, if you start to incorporate our previous strategy of drive-time-university, you want to ensure you have plenty of time for execution instead of consuming even more knowledge.

Additional Strategies to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

In addition to the three (3) strategies above we do have a few more tips for you;

  1. watch your diet – great balance of feel good foods are ideal
  2. get enough sleep – remember we built in 8 hours a night in the schedule above
  3. revisit your goals often – remind yourself why you’re doing this
  4. exercise – get in a walk a few times a week, exercise helps raise the right happy levels in our bodies

The bottomline is we all have the same hours in a week. There are people just like you making it happen. Sometimes it boils down to a simple decision like wanting it and then having the right strategies, resources and tools in place to make it come together.

What will you do with your 24 hours a day? How can we help you chunk your time, strategize your priorities and make this year your best business year ever!?! Feel free to comment below or contact us directly.

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