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Personal Branding | 3 Reasons to Build your Personal Brand

This post is going to share with you 3 reasons on why you should build your personal brand (online). Too often, we see people get into this profession looking for a quick result and, unfortunately that reality is short lived. With a combination of building a business online – ethically and respectfully – you want to ensure you are putting forward your best self.

The goal with a personal brand is to give you audience more of you. It is a way of opening them up to getting to know how incredible you are. And as a result, sales will follow. The 3 things we’re going to talk about when it comes to your personal brand are;

  1. Long-term plan
  2. Personally sustainable
  3. Individuality

As always, this week we’ve included a quick video that will help summarize and exemplify these three reasons for building a personal brand. Because here’s the deal – we are in the people business, right?

Network marketing was built on relationships and word of mouth. And so, nothing about those two things screams ‘be a billboard!’.

Instead, it screams – BE YOU!

3 Ways to Build your Personal Brand

Reason Number One: Long-Term Strategy

Here’s what we know … most network marketers do not have a strategy. Specifically, those building their businesses online. Often they are posting the same content as their sponsor or team members which in reality doesn’t sound like them at all! Or, they are becoming a billboard on Facebook with a timeline slapped full of product images and company jargon.

When you develop your own personal brand – your messaging becomes clearer. People connect with you instead of some thrown together verbiage in hopes of a few sales. Having a long-term strategy is what separates network marketing professional and those who joined a network marketing business.

Reason Number Two: Personally Sustainable

This one can be a little scary. What happens if your company closes its doors? Or, what happen when you need to make a choice to move on from that company and find a home somewhere else? Your personal brand is what will carry you through. Those who are successful in building their brand – consistently – will create a loyal tribe of ‘followers’.

These are the people who love you regardless of what company you’re in or what product you’re selling. Help people find YOU. Stay authentic and genuine and focus on the value your brand will deliver to the marketplace. A personal brand is sustainable – your responsibility. Be mindful of putting too much power or control into another persons hands.

Reason Number Three: Individuality

Do you want to stand out on social media? There is so much noise in the online world that it can be especially harder to be recognized as the go-to or expert if you look the same as everyone else! Think about what you can offer through a personal brand that would benefit your audience. What uniqueness and individuality do you have that people will want to be a part of?

By creating a personal brand, you are showing others (including those who may not know you yet) who YOU are. Remember, sales will almost aways follow strong relationships. When you have the long-term strategy to create something sustainable by you – your individuality is what ties it all together. Think for a moment just how powerful that combination could be.

Was this post and video helpful? What steps are you taking today to develop your own personal brand? Let us know in the comments – allow us to learn from you!

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