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Pick Yourself Back Up When you’re Feeling Down in Business

We all go through experiences that drag us down. As entrepreneurs, I know you feel this – maybe more often than not. And so, I felt it necessary to share in this post, 5 ways to pick yourself back up when you’re feeling down.

Because, the reality is, we can do one of two things when we’re feeling down;

  1. Keep doing what we’re doing or,
  2. Do something to pick ourselves back up.

And please understand I know that number 2 isn’t always easy but, it can be more than worth it.

Especially, when you don’t need to go at it alone.

5 Ways to Pick Yourself Up when you Need it Most


Family and friends can be the best medicine when you’re not feeling yourself. Even if you can’t see them in person, pick up the phone and call someone you love. Sometimes all you need is a friend to hear you and help you unload the heavier things.

Additionally, surrounding yourself with others who are going through some of the same emotions. This might be a Facebook Community like our Social Impacters or, another online community or an in person group.

Whatever works best for you, get around people who will help lift you higher.

Laughter can be the best medicine.


We all take life a little too seriously sometimes, right? This is especially true in business. But let’s put this in perspective for a moment; how you’re feeling right now is one tiny moment out of the thousands you will experience throughout your journey.

Know that pain, struggle or defeat is temporary. To pick yourself up, try watching your favorite comedy show or movie, a laugh out loud kind of video online or reaching out to one of your entertaining friends (we all have one of those, don’t we?).

This might sound ‘too simple’ simple to be effective but trust me, it works.

Focus on your breathing.


Focusing on your breathing may not sound like much, but it can make a world of difference. Spend a few minutes focusing on nothing except your breath. Take long, slow breaths and get rid of all negative thoughts on each exhale.

It can help as you’re exhaling to focus on the junk in your brain and consciously pushing it out.

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

There are a ton of great breathing exercises online that can help. Here’s one you might find helpful from Healthline.

dealing with imposter syndrome

Get on the move!


One of the best ways to pick yourself up when you’re having a rough day is to get up and do some type exercise. One example is to go outside and take a walk or, ride your bike around the block, catch an online yoga class or, blast your favorite music and get dancing!

Get up, get moving, and respectfully, get over it.

Take some time to prioritize what you have happening.


Sometimes people feel down or out of sorts when their priorities are off balance. I try to make sure I’m giving a fair amount of attention to all the priorities in my life. These priorities or pillars may look different for everyone — mine include; God, family, business, health and creating impact.

(I would love for you to share yours in the comment section if you’re open to it)

Now, I appreciate that these things aren’t a heal all – but, when they become a regular habit and they help flush out the negative junk, they can be great ways to pick yourself up!

What are some tools or tricks you find helpful? Definitely let us know in the comments so we can all benefit and hey — try something new!

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