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3 Powerful Tips for Posting on Facebook | Network Marketing

In this post (and included video) I answer the most common questions I receive about posting on Facebook. Overall, the questions come from my personal clients and/or from our Free Facebook Community for network marketers.

Now, posting strategies are often dynamic however, there are static factors that remain. In my opinion, these 3 tips we’ll get into today are evergreen. As long as your work them consistently, they’ll help you big time.

3 Powerful Tips for Posting on Facebook

These 3 tips will encompass the best time of day to post, which days are the most effective and, the type of content. A few key things to keep in mind I want to mention are;

  1. Mondays are always ideal for motivational content. Why? Because most people dread Mondays.
  2. Fridays are great product/service style posts. Why? Because most people are paid on Fridays.
  3. Use Saturdays for fun or entertaining posts. They are typically the slowest social media days overall.

The above 3 points may vary slightly, but try to keep in mind overall how people feel on certain days of the week. And, you also want to consider which time zones you are wanting to attract. Most often it is your own, however, if you have a large audience from another consider posting when it’s ideal for them.

Question: Best Time to Post on Facebook Answer:

We recommend at least 3 times a day. Based on your time zone, we recommend somewhere between 8:30 – 9:00 am, 2:00 -3:00 p.m. and 8:30 – 9:00 p.m.

We have found these are our best times for engagement overall. And, engagement is key. Although we don’t want you to base your success (or lack thereof) on thumbs up and laughing emojis, increased engagement opens up your audience and allows you to tap into developing new relationships.

Question: Best Days to Post on Facebook Answer:

Stay away from Fridays (unless specifically a product post) and Saturdays. These are days we’ve referred to as ‘dead days’. It is generally where there least amount of engagement occurs – especially for business related posts. We have seen some small changes in the metrics for Friday’s which is why I wanted to explicitly state product related. Testimonials are great or solid curiosity posts.

Additionally, make sure they’re earlier in the day. Too late on a Friday and people are already in weekend mode.

Question: What type of Content should I be posting?

Try to tap into more generic content. This means, avoid content that includes anything with a company name and/or product names. Get creative, review the best practices for creating curiosity posts, etc.

Additionally, you want to focus your content on 3 main areas;

  1. Entertaining
  2. Educational
  3. Empowering

So, next time you create a post ask yourself, ‘does this fall into any of the 3 categories?’ and, go from there.

Overall, we hope you found these tips for posting on Facebook helpful.

We always love your feedback, questions, comments, etc. So, be sure to stop by the comment section and let us know if these tips were helpful and what else can we do — TO SERVE YOU!


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