Prospect New People Daily into your Network Marketing Business

Among the common obstacles network marketers say they face, is recruiting. However, what we are finding is most people aren’t prospecting effectively. Therefore, without knowing the skills on how to prospect new people – and the right people, of course recruiting is difficult. In this post, we want to share how you can prospect new people, every day into your business.

Knowing how to Prospect Effectively, is your Key to Success

When you speak with successful network marketing professionals, most will tell you that prospecting is the key. You see, recruiting can become a more natural process when the you know how to prospect the right people. We hear people say that Perhaps you are familiar with the term qualified prospect.

Often, when you join network marketing, you are encouraged to make a list of everyone you know and begin contacting them. Unfortunately, this usually turns out to be a nightmare – right? Because as a new network marketer you probably aren’t prepared to handle your prospects’ questions and objections.

However, when you’re prepared and know how to prospect, you can get through to your warm market.


Warm Marketing Prospecting

The following, is ideal for people new to the industry and those who may have gone about wrong the first time. And on that note, if you have ‘tried’ and weren’t successful – that’s OK. Because here’s the deal – you are human. Humans, make mistakes. What could be effective is, be honest about that if you are reaching back out to contacts you messed up with. Apologize even – could be something like – ‘Hey Marie, I’m really sorry about the last time we spoke. I was excited about my new business and dove in without knowing what I was doing – including putting off people I care about’.

Whatever you choose to say – be authentic about it. You messed up, life goes on. People will appreciate that.

Now, let’s look at what would be the right way to prospect someone in your warm market.

Instead of calling the people you know and telling them all about your company, spend time finding out about their life. Use FORM – that’s Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation. In your conversation, ask them questions about time with the family, how their job or business is going, what vacations they have planned, etc.

Remember, this is not an interview though.

it is a conversation with someone you know and someone you would love to do business with. The latter part of that sentence is key – connect with people who you want to work with. Don’t look at them as someone who can earn you a fast start or a commission. If you a prospecting this person it is because you want what is best for them (not you!).

Through effective conversation people will tell you everything you need to know. As an example, when you ask about occupation – it is possible someone loves their job so an approach knocking a 9-5 that we see often, would never be effective. However, they may share with you that they don’t love what they do – find something relatable. Perhaps you don’t love yours and you chose network marketing as a vehicle to help you get out.

Or, perhaps you love your job too and love the extra finances so you can maximize vacation times and days off.

The key is not to turn it into a pitch.

You may even hang onto the answers for future ‘use’. In fact, they could be a great opener the next time you speak. ‘…last time we spoke you mentioned you weren’t happy at work, how are things going now?’. Don’t rush the process. The right prospect is like a Bentley (if you are a car person), they aren’t built in a day.


Beyond the Warm Market Prospect

When you step out of your war market and into lukewarm or cold market prospects this will take some more work – and time. The difference between the two is that your warm market already knows you – and trusts you. For a cold prospect (or lukewarm), they don’t. And your first priority will be establishing something in common to set a foundation of trust even if it is preliminary.

One of the most effective ways to prospect (and recruit) out of your warm market is through Attraction Marketing. This is where the prospect is coming to you, instead of the other way around. The majority of top earners in network marketing have built their businesses on primarily the attraction marketing strategies. It is both effective in prospecting and recruiting, as well as retention.

Beyond the warm market, you want people who fit into one or more of the following categories;

  1. People looking to start a home based business
  2. Someone who would benefit from using your products and services**
  3. A very happy retail customer (or preferred customer) of yours
  4. People with a burning desire to change their life – or the lives of others

** be mindful about category number 2. We appreciate that all network marketers and direct sales consultants believe they have the be all and end all of products. However, be intentional about a specific product or service and how it would truly benefit that person. For example, you are selling solar energy – but this prospect lives in an apartment. Although they may make an ideal sales person, it may be difficult for them to be a ‘product of the product’.

Your Retail Customers Already Love you, and the Products

Whether they have ordered once or a dozen times, they already have a level of trust with you. In fact, they may have already sent referrals your way even because of their results with the products. These may be people who have opted to host a party for you – or have committed to a monthly auto shipment because they love it so much.

As we know, customers are the lifeline to any business. This is why we always encourage a follow up conversation with them, sharing upcoming deals or seeing if you can help them in any way. Naturally, you don’t want to turn hem off as a customer by trying to prospect them, but it wouldn’t hurt to see if it is something they might be interested in.

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Identifying your Target Market for Prospecting

A target market is a specific group of potential buyers for a business and its products and services. Or in simpler terms, it’s the group of people who are the mostly likely buyers of your products or services.

Identifying your target market when you are looking to prospect new people is imperative to know.

Too many new network marketers don’t take the time to define their target market. Therefore, they waste time and money as they seek recruits and customers. Some home business owners define their target market as ‘everyone’ but, in reality, ideal prospects have specific traits, characteristics and situations that your product or service can specifically speak to.


Knowing your target market allows you to place your marketing messages where your market hangs out, using words and images that specifically speak to their needs.

The characteristics, traits, situations and needs of your ideal recruits or customers fit into sections of the market.

The three most common types are;

  1. Geographic – based on location like country, state or city
  2. Demographic – which focuses on features such as a gender, race and age.
  3. Psychographic – that considers things relating to personality, values, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles.

To define your target market, when it comes to prospecting, is asking yourself the following questions;

  1. How old is your ideal customer or recruit?
  2. How much money might he/she make?
  3. Is your product or service most suitable to men, women or children?
  4. Do they own a home or rent?
  5. Where do they shop?
  6. Where do they live?
  7. What problems, needs or wants do they have that your product or service will fill?

Once you are equipped with these answers, it will help you be intentional with what information you are putting out there on social media. Knowing your target market will also help you be more effective creating your action plan and/or daily routine.

In conclusion, prospects for your business are everywhere – but may not be everyone. Knowing where the right people are by using some of the strategies outlined in this post, will help you get where they are. With an effective strategy and game plan, there is no reason that you couldn’t prospect ten (10) or more new people everyday into your network marketing business.

– Keep conversations constant – always filling your funnel.

– Connect with existing retail or preferred customers.

– BE where your ideal prospects are (online or offline).

– Use the attraction marketing tips and be consistent with them.

Leave a comment below and share with us what strategies you are using to attract or find your ideal prospect – what’s been working for you? Share this post with our teams so they can benefit too!

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