Prospecting Effectively in Network Marketing

You have blown through your warm market. They either joined you, supported you just because or ran for the hills. So now, you find yourself wondering what to do next. After all, it seemed so simple to make a list of everyone I knew and it would just create this huge organization, right? You never considered you would have to do something like … prospecting.

How many of you just said ‘wrong‘ in your head right now?

Unfortunately, we’re thinking quite a few. However, it doesn’t need to end there. And that is what today’s post is all about. Prospecting can be tough, but without it your business will not grow. Additionally, prospecting doesn’t mean reaching out to strangers and pitching your business either. We prospect through curiosity posts, we prospect through building relationships, we prospect in our daily methods of operation.

pros·pect – look out for; search for.

How to Approach a Prospect in Network Marketing

Let’s break this down into 2 different categories;

  1. intentional prospecting
  2. indirect prospecting

Being Intentional with Prospecting

Intentional prospecting can also be referred to as direct prospecting. This is where you have had some sort of contact with this person already. They may be someone you met at a networking event or a Facebook friend. You may have even spoken about your business briefly at some point.

And, although these people find themselves in your ‘lukewarm’ market, they are still on the cold border. Why? Because they are still someone you have had very little contact with. That is, until now. When you set out to intentionally prospect, in some ways you are picking up where you left off.

These may be situations that using the F.O.R.M. strategy would be effective. Keep in mind, you want these activities to be genuine, but consciously you set aside this time to intentionally connect with them. Additionally, intentional prospecting can encompass strategies like;

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Pages of Influence
  3. Coffee meet ups (offline)

… and so on.

What is Indirect Prospecting ?

We believe, indirect prospecting falls into the category of everything you are doing to grow your business. Let us explain … These activities may be curiosity posts, Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, etc. They are activities that you are doing to attract eyeballs, encourage engagement and grow your reach and connections.

We explain this as indirect because they are targeted to a broader audience instead of solely one person. However, the goal is still to connect with these people eventually one on one. You might agree that indirect prospecting is more than likely followed by intentional prospecting, right?

Of course. Both methods fill the funnel of leads and that, is the ultimate goal when it relates to prospecting.

Now, we appreciate there are still people who enjoy meeting a prospect offline and we will cover that another time. Today, we want to focus specifically on how to approach a prospect on social media.

How to Approach a Prospect on Social Media

#1 – Be Authentic

We know we say this a lot but it is so important. When you are connecting with a prospect via messenger for example, if you ask ‘how are you?’, stick around for the answer. Meaning, too often we use these courtesies as an opener without really caring what the answer is. Take a moment and listen. Then, take the conversation from there.

Remember, people will tell you everything you need to know to prospect them more effectively.

But, if you are too caught up on how to ‘sell’ them with your next breath, you won’t hear it. Speaking with a potential prospect is like your opportunity to make a first impression – own that.

For example:

‘Hey Brian how are you?’

… Prospect replies: ‘Well, I’m doing OK just got laid off so not even sure what to do next to be honest’.

Now, this doesn’t mean dive in and sell you solution! However, this gives you a great sense of where this person is at. They have given you a vulnerable piece of their life, treat it kindly. Be empathetic even. This may not be the right time to mention your business, but this is a great opportunity to be there, authentically.

#2 – Prospecting in a Facebook Group

By now, you are likely part of quite a few groups on Facebook that of interest to you. If not, do that. These groups are typically ones that you are well versed in, know quite a bit about the topic. These are great opportunities to position yourself as an expert. Additionally, offer your thoughts, suggestions and feedback.

Pick one or two groups to engage with regularly. This way, people will start to recognize your name, thus, making you more familiar which in turn, makes you more relatable and/or creates this underlying trust.

This method of learning how to prospect is both intentional and indirect. You are intentionally in the group sharing your tips and tricks but indirect because its possible you haven’t met your ideal prospect yet – but you know that they’re in there.

Anywhere that you can add value to someone else is great. For example;

Let’s assume it is an Adult Acne group you are a part of and to go with that, you are someone who suffered for a long time with acne only to discover it was a food allergy. Now, you have become much more conscious of how the things you eat effects the outside of your body too. Which is why, you have chose a wellness company to be a part of. Although this is loosely tied to your business it’s not shocking! And, with the right relationships built it can lead to what you do so naturally.

#3 – Show, Don’t Tell

Familiar with the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Don’t hesitate to use one post a week to showcase your business, sort of. Of course we never recommend sharing a product name or company, but sharing before and after’s can be super powerful. Especially, when they are paired with a strong curiosity paragraph.

Let’s take finger nails for example. And, the relation is you are part of a direct sales company that distributes nail polish or press on nails.

Use imagery that showcases your nails – you may even have a funny story about painting them or gluing them on. Share the story not the product. And, don’t be afraid to tell the story either – these types of posts used to prospect are great when they are longer than usual even, 3-4 paragraphs can be appropriate too. Take the reader through the time leading up to the nails.

Perhaps you chipped one or find they get super run down after working with paper all day. Whatever the case is, take your prospect there – even in a public post. The story will elicit the emotion and the picture with back it up.

At the end of the day, you need to prospect to grow your business. And, we hope that you found these 3 tips helpful! We have a few more up our sleeve too … so make sure you comment here, and on the post in our Social Impacter Group (with this blog) if you would like us to share a few more prospect tips! And remember, sharing is caring – who do you know who can benefit from this post!?

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