How to get your Prospects into Network Marketing

Prospects whether they become customers, business partners or otherwise drive our businesses, right? And, many network marketers when they get started imagine all their friends and family wanting in on the excitement too. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t happen.

This might be something you are familiar with and found yourself mad or upset because they didn’t want in. Although your hot or warm markets are excellent starting points, sometimes these are the people that need more time. Often, our friends and family want to ‘see‘ what we accomplish first.

Additionally, they can be the most skeptical of them all. But guess what? It’s totally OK.

Remove your Emotional Connection to their Response. 

Their response has very little to do with you, and everything to do with them. At the end of the day the last thing you want to do is get into the business of convincing people. When we convince prospects to join us in business or buy from us, they rarely stick around.

So, allow them the time they need. I think you might be surprised how many do come around eventually. And, they almost always come around when you continue to build your business (with or without them).

Let me tell you about my First 50 Prospects

My first 4 years in the network marketing industry I continued to circle around the same 50 or so people. To be honest, not entirely sure I can call them prospects – but at the time, that was my understanding. I think back to how much time I wasted, going back to the same 50 people just hoping this time would the time they got started.

Well, they didn’t.

And this is likely why I saw little to no success in that time. I mean, imagine I had taken that same amount of time and cultivated new prospects? Fresh people to speak to and build relationships with? All in all it was a learning lesson and one I hope you can learn from.

Now, here comes the tips.

How to get Prospects in Network Marketing

First, save yourself some frustration and steer away from introducing your friends and/or family to the ‘business opportunity’. Instead, familiarize them with the products. These hot and warm market prospects and far more likely to purchase a product you fell in love with for themselves, then join you in business right off the hop.

Stick to the basics; your products or services are designed to help solve a problem. Go with that – what can you offer them that will help ‘those’ problems.

And, even if their answer is no here too — it’s going to be OK! Just refer back to the first point I talked about above; remove the emotional connection to their response.

Lastly, and probably the most important piece getting prospects in your business — go build the business anyway!

Instead of convincing or explaining why (they should) show them!

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