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How to Overcome the Pyramid Scheme Objection

Having to hear objections from your prospects when you pitch your products and business to them can be quite discouraging. You will hear some of the common rants and a few new ones that will lead to a distorted opinion in your head regarding network marketing (maybe even second guessing yourself!). One of the most common objections from prospects is the ‘isn’t that a pyramid scheme?’.

And, in this blog (and video) I share with you the best ways, in my opinion, for handling this objection.

Overcoming the ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Objection


A lot of times people will ask if it’s a pyramid scheme and be pretty negative about. But you have to understand that the reason so many people call it a pyramid scheme is because they are simply not totally educated on our amazing profession.

And no matter how it comes out, the first thing I want to tell you is DON’T be defensive about it!

A lot of trainers are going to tell you to say something I don’t totally agree with when prospects ask “Is it a pyramid scheme thing?” or “This looks like one of those pyramid scheme deals...”. And the rebuttal I don’t agree with is saying something like … Your JOB IS A PYRAMID SCHEME!

Listen, that doesn’t work…

Let’s just be real here.


If you get confrontational with someone, that’s just going to turn them away so compose yourself (as much as you may want to be defensive …) and here are two answers I suggest;

  1. What is a pyramid scheme?
  2. No, of course not those are illegal, you know me better than that.


At the vert least, these responses will open up some dialogue. And although we can’t always educate people who are committed to misunderstanding our industry, we can always choose to be kind.

Is this objection one you come into contact with a lot? Would love to hear what has worked for you! And, if you found this helpful — please be sure to share this post with your teams!

Continue to show up … continue to share your value … and remember that handling objections are just par for the territory. The better you become at handling them, the easier things will be overall.

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