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When it comes to the business of network marketing, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to recruit more people – customers and distributors alike, into your organization week after week, month after month? Of course it would be! And, without knowing your own personal circumstances, I would imagine that this can be a daunting task as it is for many in our profession. But why is that? I mean after all, when you were introduced to the industry – or the products and services you are representing, you fell in love. So naturally, everyone else you talk about it to should as well.


There is a statistic I heard once that the average person in network marketing recruits two (2) people in their entire career.

That both scared me, but excited me because I know that with a few simple tweaks, and work – we can’t forget that part, that we could blow that statistic out of the water.I know this, because if you caught our post and interview from last week … That in my social media community on Facebook, our group participated in a seven (7) day recruiting challenge and the results were nothing short of phenomenal.


I am confident that you, can too. 

So let’s dive in. After this post (and the bonus video I have included!) I know you will leave with a better understanding of the recruiting component of the industry, why it is important to understand that piece, how to stay focused, tips on how to get there and an action plan to make it happen!

Because you deserve it. And, so does your why.

What Does it Mean to Recruit?

In network marketing, also referred to as ‘MLM’, in order for a business to thrive it requires both a customer base and in most cases a distributor base (sales team, sales organization, etc) What this mean is, you want to be able to acquire new customers and recruit new distributors into your business month after month.

This creates two (2) equations for you;

  1. Customers provide retail or preferred customer sales volume, that help you overall attain incentives such as; rank advancements, trips, bonuses and an income based on sales. This may also include product credits (depending on your product or service) and afford you the opportunity to have a functioning sales business. Think of it from a retail perspective, if they didn’t have customers, they wouldn’t have a business. And yes, it is that black and white.
  2. Distributors provide an opportunity for others to benefit from compensation plans (and all incentives listed above) – and as a result work with you to grow an organization to help others do the same. Groups of distributors are often referred to as a team – some have great names as well! – and they create a culture that becomes enticing to others to want to be a part of. Bottom line, more distributors help create bigger sales organizations when duplication is occurring and should go without saying, but the right training and mentorship is in place.

So when posed the question, what does it mean to recruit? It simply means having others purchase from you, and/or join your team as a distributor to work alongside you in this industry.

I want to stress this point though – customers are pivotal in your business. Period. I believe this is one of the most overlooked part of the industry. Although knowing how to recruit is key, there are more components to simply recruiting new distributors. When we look at the average six (6) and seven (7) figure earners int he industry, their organizations are typically made up of both a solid customer and distributor base.

Let me rephrase, they are not average at all. They do however, show you, what is possible.

Here is an example of my good friend Laire Lightner ‘s Facebook Profile.



Laire uses a great example of all things that represent her brand, and more importantly who she is. From the color choices, products she displays, profile image is a clear picture of her face with a powerful quote. The strategy behind this type of branding taps into her ideal customer and/or client. It is probably why she is among the top female ‘recruiters’ in the network marketing profession.

Her profile, both picture and cover photo image are motivating, they are both positive and although attention grabbing – easy to read, and soft enough colors that they aren’t distracting. Laire is evidently clear about who she is, and what her brand is – resulting in some incredible results.

Social Media is meant to be social

Brand yourself. We’ll get back here more … 

Now that we have covered what the term recruit looks like in general terms – let me show you an example how it is possible your journey started. In my opinion, it is helpful to know where we started, how we progress, and where we are headed.

You joined a business – Great, and congratulations!

You were likely instructed to do the following … recruit

  • Create a list including everyone you know
  • Without really knowing what to say or do, you were to call the entire list and ask them if they are open to looking at a business opportunity, or better yet ‘come to a business meeting’
  • Omit the part about it being a network marketing company, and as a result, lose their trust, and their business.

Sounding too familiar?

I hear this unfortunately all the time in my coaching community. Now don’t get me wrong, I readily believe the intentions are in the right place, but it is exactly what happens when we jump in to something new and assume we know all the working parts.

The beauty about network marketing is that it is a business model ready to use. It often includes a website, a start up type package of information and products and a turn key system to plug into. And, guess what? Those ‘top earners’ they are using the exact same system you are. Now given, there are a lot of companies that are teaching some of the old school techniques – specifically for building businesses offline, in living rooms for example. So make sure that if you are wanting to build a business, and recruit in places like social media, ensure you are equipped with that knowledge.

It may even be why you found yourself here! 

Meet my buddy David Warden ..


David, like Laire, has a great profile picture. It is clear, lifestyle like, smiling – and a super fun cover photo! His ‘intro’ is brief, clear and concise, and gives a reader a great idea immediately what David is about. From being a husbanding father on a personal note, and a network marketing veteran and coach (and others) on a professional side. Adding the emojis in your profile can be a great personal touch, but be mindful not to go overboard in that department!

You want to be around and learn from those who have come before you. If it is social media you want to learn, be sure you are following or learning from someone who does, just that.

I share a great post here — on how to open up a cold market conversation on Facebook Messenger

There are some people that still love the old school methods, and that’s awesome – but there are some people who simply do not want to take time away from the home or from their families to be out at meetings every night. Or, don’t want to host them. Many network marketers are working full time, so they dread the thought of having to spend more time away from home. Whatever the case is, social media has provided us with a platform that we no longer have to do those things we don’t want to.

Having said that, there are right and wrong ways to doing this.

Unfortunately, it would seem that with the influx of people that are choosing to build their respective business online, that we are seeing more wrong than right. And, I imagine this is what happens with a lot of ‘new’ things – there is trial and error. As much as I am all about those lessons we learn from, if you could shorten the learning curve, why wouldn’t you? Avoid the hard lesson (there will be more I promise) where possible – and start off on the right foot!

Recruit the Warm Market Approach

Let’s go back to the list ideology for a moment. I am not suggesting that reaching out to your warm market is a ‘bad’ thing. In fact, I think it is a great place to start – they already trust you. However, be mindful of how you go about this. Your warm market is handled much differently than a cold prospect in my opinion – the result will vary based on your existing relationship and how the whole idea is approached. It isn’t a simple ‘hey, need a favor – join my business!’ (wouldn’t that be easy!) And, sure there may be people in your life that are happy to do so, but we are focused on building a business here – right?

Warm market customers and/or distributors can be great for that fast start, allowing you to jump in with both feet, earn a little up front cash or bonuses – but retention is what is key. I have had some people say that their warm market has made the best customers – and sometimes those customers turn distributors, and other times they simply happy to order from you month after month.

Several of my clients have also mentioned that initially they found when they tried to recruit their warm market they received the most objections, naysayers and so on, however, once they learned to grow their business organically, those same warm market doubters they initially ‘tired to recruit’ have come back around – this time the one asking questions and even wanting to get started.


This is where I always encourage people more than anything, to focus on relationships.


They are everything in this industry. Focus on Relationships, not Sales.

And with that focus in the forefront – Let me ask you this … Ever come across a post like this one on Facebook and thought to
yourself YES! I need to get in touch with this person right away! (probably not) Then, why do we continue to see so many of these posts popping up on timelines everywhere? It is simple. As mentioned before, the intentions are in the right place, but without the right training, mentorship or guidance … These are the results, or lack thereof.

I mean think about it, would you start a relationship with someone using this strategy? No, you wouldn’t – and you probably wouldn’t appreciate being the receiver of such initiation either.


OK, now that we have some of the basics out of the way – I always try to share my own experience or clients experience to keep things relatable, because I know that is important. You want to be able to picture yourself there. Feel that similarity. It allows

you to relate and move forward. It affords you the opportunity to learn from those who came before you.

Now, I mentioned a bonus video, so let’s dive into that.

2 Tips To Recruit More People On Social Media For Your Network Marketing Business


Brand. What is your brand and how do people perceive your brand.

Branding is a huge topic, and one we will continue to focus on, but let’s get preliminary. When I speak about your name in this video – what does that remind you of? Did you maybe have to go in and have a look at your own? (hard reality right?).

There is nothing magical about Sandy [insert company name] Hustler has commented on your status.

Sorry Sandy!

But let’s be serious – is that who you want people to know you as? Simply a distributor for this company they may or may not have heard of? It can actually be more damaging if they are familiar with the company and don’t have a great feeling or energy about it.

Here’s another great friend of mine, Janet Shankles Barbierto


Janet is a great example of a clear, professional but fun profile picture. Mirroring that image in her cover photo, along with a motivational message and book of accreditation – Mompreneurs. This small snapshot is a clear message of who Janet is, and a glimpse to what she is about within seconds.

These few seconds are crucial. And, typically this is the first thing people will see when they click onto your Facebook profile – be mindful, and strategic about what first impression you are giving your audience.


Somewhere along the way being ourselves, got lost. We started focusing far too much on selling things and recruiting people – claiming income and looking for one more person to join our teams! In an earlier post I talk about the posts that can actually hurt your business, worth checking out.

What are your likes? Dislikes? Interests? Share them! This will help attract people who share the same interests as you, will help gain attention to other things you are doing and talking about. Creating connections through mutual interests only allows for connections and curiosity elsewhere, and possibly into your business. This, above all else, is why authenticity and being YOU are crucial.


As humans, we starve for connections – make them meaningful.

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