How She Recruited 100 People In 30 Days In Her Business

You might be thinking, how is that even possible! What I will suggest for a moment is instead of asking yourself how she did it – ask yourself how you can too. Perhaps it is responsible of me to add that there are a number of variables, naturally, but let me give you a little back story and how it became possible that she recruited 100 people in 30 days into her network marketing business. One main thing stood out to me was her disclosure that originally, when her business wasn’t going so well is that she wasn’t coachable.

Sound familiar?

That whole reinvent the wheel concept – your way is the right way kind of idea? Chances are, like her, that way wasn’t working so well. This is often where people displace blame or just say it’s not for them. This is also the stage that the words ‘I am just not a good recruiter’ come about. Well sure, how can anyone be be recruited when you don’t believe yourself you can even do so?

When I work with clients, or interact on social media and I pose this question … ‘What is your biggest struggle when it comes to network marketing?’ you might not be surprised to know that often as high as 9 of 10 people answer ‘recruiting’. Think about this – you were ‘recruited’, what worked for you? Are you doing something different than your sponsor? Or, what are the leaders in your company, or better yet industry – what are they doing differently?

Your mentor, or coach – what are they suggesting you do? I wanted to share a few tips that when this particular leader (who went on to achieve the top of her business I should add), shared when it come to the time she decided to be coachable – and recruited people and leaders she once never even dreamed possible. She became that leader – and it started with a decision.

Takeaways: ‘How I Recruited 100 People in 30 Days’

Start with your Facebook profile. First and foremost, is your page public or private? If you anticipate growing a business outside of your ‘hot market’ I would encourage you to have your posts and more importantly, profile, set to public or at the very least, friends of friends. What are you telling your friends and followers? Take a moment, scroll over your past ten (10) posts. Notice anything about it? Does your profile look like a billboard or informercial? Is it full of complaints or rants that are in fact more than likely ‘hurting’ your business?

It is OK to hide or delete them – remember, you will attract what you are. And, my guess would be you are looking to attract positive, motivated people who are looking to inspire others and earn some extra income along the way – so is that what you are showing your audience?

Now, I am not suggesting you ‘change’ who you are, or feel that you authentically are – but, sharing those fighting videos, or controversial posts, are not doing you any favors, I promise.

Recruited Through Relationships recruited

Connecting, Building Relationships. Her next share which you hear me speak about often is establish a rapport, reach out to people with the intention to simply, connect. Be genuine, honest – ask a question and care about the answer. Be an active listener – this means spend more time listening than just talking or worse even, selling.

And, because the original adjustments were made to the profile in and of itself, when reaching out to new people or those you may not have spoken to recently the profile or timeline was welcoming. There was a real profile picture and non commercial posts. Be you, not a robot for your company – probably one of the strongest comparisons we can share. Click here, buy now, join. No! Stop that or, stop wondering why you are being avoided!

Post things that add value, this is a great place to start when developing your brand (don’t worry we can get there) but it helps you be relatable. Don’t create it – Be it.

Not the ‘Law of Attraction’ but …

Attraction Marketing. This is probably one of my most taught skills in my Facebook Community and on my Live videos. Once you truly understand this concept and it becomes a part of everything you do in business, and I mean, really understand it – it will blow your mind. These types of posts might include things of interest to you, hobbies, animals, a vacation, quotes or a great book. Chances are, people in your audience who like these things too, can relate and will be more inclined to reach out or at the very least be responsive when you do.

What you do for your business today, will help your business tomorrow

This process, is called planting seeds. So – this doesn’t mean that when you implement these few tips mentioned above and take part in my Facebook Community (as an example) that you will turn around and have recruited 112 people in the next 30 days. What it does mean however, is you have taken the steps that will lead you to this no longer impossible but instead probable outcome with consistency, being coachable, and staying focused on the tasks.

Last note I want to mention keep your mind right! How you ‘go into’ a conversation will have bearing on your outcome. Positive mindset and expecting the best result can be pivotal – having said this, we want to be conscious not to be attached to whatever the outcome might be – but find peace in knowing you gave it everything you had .. the right way.

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