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Stressing About Recruiting Leaders Into Your MLM Business?

When we think about what drives the network marketing industry, the true answer is volume. Now, most people will agree with that however, it’s where much of the confusion lies. You see, the best volume there is, is customer volume. Instead, network marketers seem to get so caught up in recruiting leaders being the be all and end all. Let’s stop this mindset.

In this post, we are going to share with you strategies you can do to grow, nurture and support leaders that more than likely already exist in your organization.

And let us let you in on a fun fact … There have been plenty of times that someone has recruited a leader into a company (big win, right?) … and that leader didn’t produce. Or, walked away. And yet you spent ALL that time and energy into recruiting that person. Then what? Well, keep reading.

There’s More to your Business than Recruiting Leaders

… much more in fact. Have you considered for a moment that your best leader may already be in your organization? Here’s what we do know … some of the best leaders were originally customers. Think about it — they already love the product, they have been loyal and they’ve probably already sent some business or referrals your way.

We know that being a product of the product (business) is key in this industry so why not reach out to those who already support you? And some customers are simply meant to be customers but what if ….?

What if you have this rocking Facebook Group just for your customers. And, you made a small post in there that said something like ‘congrats Meghan on earning $25 for your referral today!’.

You might be thinking, $25 big deal, right?

However, for customers who are already spending money with you AND telling people about it for free, that $25 is crazy powerful. Do you think you might have interest from other customers on how they can do the same? Is it possible they too may want to earn an extra $25 for telling their sister?

Of course they would!

Customers are the lifeline to the industry – from volume to word of mouth. Do your business s favor and stop overlooking them.

Recruiting Leaders that Already Exist in your Organization

Think about this scenario. You have Meghan who has been a loyal customer of yours for the past 4 months. She makes her regular monthly orders, always takes advantages of sales, shares her testimonies, etc. It’s probable that she has already referred a handful of her friends and family to you. Earning maybe free product credit but certainly not a cheque.

We hope that you have started to cultivate a relationship with Meghan so that when you reach out to her it’s not ‘out of the norm’. And you say something like;

Meghan thank you so much for being a customer of mine these past few months – I’m thrilled you love the products. And, I am so thankful for the people you have referred to me as well. Which, got me thinking. Would you ever be open to earning cash flow for doing what you are already doing?’

Love on Meghan first and foremost.

For both the customer purchases and the referrals. Do not overlook the greatness Meghan has brought into your business. Then, be straight up about the business. Avoid using the one liners about ‘you could make thousands your first month in!’. Or ,’it’s so easy working from home!’.

And so on.

Cash flow, additional income — are less aggressive than the hyped up income claims and to some degree, false promises or expectations.

What next?

Well, if Meghan says no thanks – you keep it moving. Close the conversation with another genuine thank you and include if there’s anything you can do for her to let you know.

And, if Meghan says she wants more information – keep it simple. Stay along the exact same lines of when you first introduced it to her. She already knows you and the products so you are way further ahead than the energy put into recruiting leaders.

Foster Growth in Existing Distributors

One of the things people are most frustrated by are the distributors in their teams who are doing … ‘nothing‘. The ones who maybe signed up for the great package available only for distributors and had zero interest in building the business.

Or, maybe they’re the people who wanted a wholesale style discount – again, with no intention of building a business.

And then there are the people who loved you, loved the business, got excited and then fell through the cracks. It is the ‘fall-through-the-cracks-people’ you want to dig deep for. One of the best ways to uncover these distributors is by reaching out to your team members and ask them WHY they joined the business.

A good thing to do is to actually include this in your on boarding of new distributors to avoid this step later.

Bottomline, dig into your existing group of distributors and customers before you find yourself stressing about recruiting leaders into your group. Be the leader you are trying to attract.

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recruiting leaders