Relationship Building

What is Relationship Building in Business?

Relationship building, we’ve all heard it, but what’s important is how we apply it.

The term itself doesn’t mean hopping on Social Media and all sorts of random people whom you’ll never speak to and call it ‘making new friends‘ – Doing that could even be detrimental to your business.

We know this fact: People will buy or partner in business with people they know, like, and trust. 

There must be some relationship for people to know, like and trust you. You’ve engaged with this person, had a real conversation, checked in with them at one point or another, etc.

Building strong, lasting relationships can take a dedicated amount of time and energy.

They are an integral and necessary part of success, but people don’t seem to want to do the work, and this is exactly where people could be spending more time when it comes to building their business.

In this post, I want to share my top ways of effectively using the skill of relationship-building to grow your network marketing business.

Relationship Building Must Have’s


1. Be authentic. This one is a must; there are no shortcuts here. Be yourself! A relationship built without authenticity will forever lack the trust component. The truth is, most of us love this industry of network marketing because we can work with people that, frankly, we want to work with. However, if you are portraying someone other than yourself, you will likely attract the opposite of what you genuinely need in your business.

2. Develop Mutual Respect: Let me explain, lead with respect. Appreciate where your prospect presently is in their life, in their business. When you ask a question, listen to the response. Unfortunately, many network marketers get caught up in their deal being the best and fail to listen to what others are saying about themselves. This respect will go a long way, especially in the trust department.

3. Let Go Of Expectations: If you want to enter any relationship without expectation, have an open mind. Accept people as they are and not as you want them to be. When we have preconceived ideas or expectations about someone, it’s like leading with an agenda. The only item on the agenda of relationship building should be relationship building.

4. Offer Before Asking: Another way of looking at this is to lead with value. When we educate, help and inspire others with our experience and expertise, we build the foundation for trust that is the foundation of relationships that endure.

5. Identify Similar Values or Goals: When relationship building, especially in the network marketing arena, we want to align ourselves with others who share the same vision – more significant picture thinking. On a micro level, we naturally want to encourage people to develop their reasons, or ‘why,’ but finding teammates who share common goals – will only assist in long-term growth.

When these relationships are established, there are two factors you will benefit from here; loyalty in your customers – who will want to continue to order from you, and longevity in your team members – they want to work with you, support you, grow with you.

The results are endless once people understand how essential relationship-building can be in their business.

There’s a quote that always comes to mind …

People won’t always remember what you tell them, but they always remember how you make them feel.

So consider this, how are you making people feel after interacting with them?

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