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How to Repurpose Content for your Social Media

Think back to a post that you created and it received crazy amounts of engagement. Tons of comments, likes (reactions), even shares. And, when you tried to make it happen again — it fell flat. Sounding too familiar? The good news though, is that is not uncommon. Now, you might be saying to yourself, ‘OK, but what can I do about it?’. The answer is to take that post, and learn how to repurpose content, over and over again.

Now, before we go too far into this you might be wondering what’s up with the flip flops hanging on a door in the image above. Well, we believe that by the end of this post you will understand exactly why!

What does it mean to Repurpose Content?

At first glance, it can look like a cop out to some.

And, we happen to look at it more so along the lines of taking something great — and making it work again. Perhaps even making it greater. Let’s say for example you wrote a great post on the benefits of proper skin care. And, your audience loved your tips! There are a few ways with this example to repurpose content from that post;

  1. Create a Facebook Live video sharing those same tips (or one – and create a series for the rest)
  2. Make an image that share one of the tips — or a before and after (using one of your tips)
  3. Write a follow up post, expanding on one of the tips
  4. Create an engagement post related to skin care to keep people talking

.. and the list goes on. As we have discussed previously in posts related to content such as in ‘How to Create Valuable Content for your Facebook Audience‘, too often people overthink this content thing. Especially, when you have already created an instance that people wanted to engage on your post.

Think about it like this …

When your audience relates well with a post … do it again. But, to do so successfully when you repurpose content it needs to feel different than the last one. However, staying true to the original topic.

It is possible we lost you with the last bit, so let’s get into some details — shall we?

Why Should you Repurpose Content on Social Media?

So, we know that valuable content helps you grow your business in a variety of ways. As a reminder, here are some key reasons you should make the time to implement Content Strategy into your network marketing business and then, we will share how to cut that time way down.

Sounding even better, right?

We thought so.

Content Strategy/Marketing Benefits your business because ….

  1. Helps build an underlying trust in you and in turn, your business
  2. Content marketing helps put your face to your brand — not just a company billboard!
  3. Encourages potential distributors to reach out to you — what you deliver aligns with them. This is a great strategy for prospecting and recruiting. Remember, people join people
  4. Content marketing helps train your team, leading from the front
  5. It is sustainable

Now, we have shared ways in which we schedule our content planning time and then how to execute this. Be sure to check those posts out if you are still wondering the best ways (or most effective) to do so.

#1 How to Create a Content Calendar for Network Marketers

#2 6 Places to Find Quality Content for Network Marketers

This leads us to why you should repurpose content to social media and how it can help you cut your marketing time in half. Because here’s the deal time is valuable and we would much rather you have the time to build relationships and focus on your business in other ways.

Why you should repurpose content …

Most people simply do not have the time to be creating new content consistently. And, we know how important it is to be consistent in all of your business efforts. To some degree, you want to be predictable in a sense that your audience knows they can count on you (trust) and that when they invest their time in you, they will gain value.

Because let’s be honest some of you may even struggle getting out  regular content right now. Right?

And although you may be equipped with some of the best tools and strategies to schedule your time, life somehow gets in the way. The primary reason is because most people overthink their content. Or the delivery of it. So when you find ways to repurpose content it can be 100X more effective.

It is like doing the real work once, and then delivering it time and time again. Here’s the thing, if people loved on a recent post, don’t deprive them of something equally as juicy! Give it to them until they’re full!

That ‘Old’ Content Still Holds Value

We know this, because you may find people are still engaging on it long after its been posted. This is especially true in shared content. We have had posts, mainly videos, still receive likes and comments up to a year later.

Meanwhile, it may have taken an hour to prepare and deliver that video content but it continues to be relevant time and time again.

Knowing this, it would be in our best interest to create a post that parallels the video, right? Of course it would! We know the audience still resonates with the content, they clearly found value, and since we’ve grown in our knowledge based over the course of a year — we can amplify the value of it.

This doesn’t mean that we need to create a new video. In fact, we might write a great post, and attach the previous video in the comment section — or the post itself. The thing is, you may have grown in value, but people will still resonate with who you are and what you can teach them, even at a beginner type level.

Save your Time! Repurpose Content Starting Today!

Do us a favor, take a few moments when you are finished reading here (and commenting to tell us which strategy you will use) and check out your Facebook Memories. Sometimes, this is also called ‘on this day’. Find a piece of content in there that received decent engagement.

The post doesn’t need to be business related, because right now we just want you to learn how to repurpose content effectively.

Now, let’s assume that it is a post about skin care (since we reference that earlier). In this written post, you share 5 of your top tips on maintaining great, youthful skin.

This is where it gets fun.

Take your Number One Tip and shorten it to no more than one sentence, 5-10 words max. Take a few minutes and find a great picture which demonstrates the tip, great skin, or even just a plain background. Use an app like Pic Monkey, Pics Art, Studio, etc. and add the words overtop of the image. Voila! repurpose content at your fingertips.

And guess what? You can do this with ALL of the tips you shared in that one post. Finding content ideas is one of the biggest obstacles for people, so don’t reinvent your own wheel!!! Repurpose the content you already took time to put together!

*Does this help illustrate why the flip flops hanging from the door yet? People repurpose things ALL the time, content should not be any different!

We would LOVE if you would share an example of this in the comments below —

And, let us know how much time it saved you!

Would it be helpful for you if we delivered some ideas on how to repurpose content to platforms other than Facebook?

Let us know where you are building your business, and where we can serve you best!

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