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The Secret to Getting More Engagement and Sales on Social Media

One of the primary tools people are using in business is social media. Regardless of the platform, achieving sales on social media is super attractive. And, it has allowed thousands of people work from the comport of their homes, coffee shops, gymnastics or baseball practices with their kids and so on.

Our goal has always been to help people do this — the right way.

So in today’s post, I’m going to share with you 2 powerful tips on on how you get more engagement and sales on social media.

Engagement is the Gateway to More Sales on Social Media

Now first let me qualify that this means quality engagement. And, in order to garner quality engagement which in turn drive sales, you need to be mindful of your content.

Too often, network marketers become their own demise in this area. They get super fired up to share about their flash sales or never before seen products and end up spamming their timelines. This does 2 things;

  1. New people whom you’re trying to connect with, take one look at your profile and can almost ‘expect’ a pitch and will often opt out of connecting.
  2. Existing people start unfollowing or scrolling by when they see your name because your content has offered little value to them — consistently.

Why create resistance before someone even gets to know who you are?

Chances are, there are a ton of incredible things about you that are ideal contributors to social media but they continue to take a back seat to your business. Quit giving so much landscape to your company and products — YOU deserve to be the focus.

Let me give you an example, think about the last time you were scrolling someone’s page who you knew, was a leader in network marketing. However, you weren’t sure what company they were in. So, you are checking out their profile and you are still left with the ‘I can’t tell what company they aligned with’. I would bet you went as far as asking someone else if they knew — or even that leader!

This is where the magic happens.

By them showing you who they are, contributing value, entertainment and relatable things you were intrigued. Right?

These actions are among the top ways that those leaders are achieving more sales on social media than those who aren’t.

Create Content that Increases Participation

Above, I touched on the types of content you want to be using on social media — now take that a step further a look at how that content can increase your engagement. Great ways to elicit participation from others are;

  1. Ask questions
  2. Encourage others to comment their thoughts, opinions, etc.
  3. Ask them to share a moment/memory in the comment section
  4. Request suggestions or recommendations

Overall, the right content drives the right engagement which will in turn help drive sales on social media. You might be surprised where your next customer or business partner come from. And what I know for sure, is it will come from quality content that is both educational and intriguing.

What type of content are you finding drives the most engagement and/or sales for you? Love for you to share them in the comment section!

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