shorten your learning curve

7 Tips On How To Shorten your Learning Curve

The distance of your learning curve plays a key factor in determining how fast you’ll see success. For aspiring network marketers, if you’re learning a new skill (how to prospect or present your business, for example), learning how to shorten your learning curve means you’ll be able to generate income from that skill faster.

To speed up your learning curve, today I’m going to share with you 8 Tips to help you!

7 Surefire Ways to Shorten your Learning Curve

Talk to Someone Who’s Been there

One of the biggest timesavers when setting out to learn something new is to talk to someone who has already mastered what you want to do. Seek out leaders and/or leaders communities in your niche.

Ask them how long it took them to attain their success. Do they have any tips to offer that may help you learn the ropes faster? What has the skill meant to their journey? And, any other questions you have about the process.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Not giving yourself a deadline/timeline could add weeks, even months, to your learning curve. If you don’t have a clear and non-negotiable deadline, you really can’t create any urgency or incentive to complete something in a timely fashion.

Your deadline should be both aggressive and realistic. Using SMART Goals are a great starting point.

Teach Someone Else

A good way to test how well you understand something is to try and teach it to someone else. There are 2 benefits in doing this.

  1. You will have to prepare more to put together the ‘training’ to teach it to someone else
  2. By actually teaching it to someone, you’ll find you will understand and retain what you learn longer.

Prepare your Body Mentally and Physically

You often can shorten your learning curve more effortlessly if you feel good. So get plenty of sleep, stick to an exercise regimen, and be conscious of what foods you are consuming. You will be less likely to put off the daily tasks you have planned for today until tomorrow.

Make Note Taking a Habit

Next time you’re reading or listening to a podcast or workshop, take detailed notes. Taking notes will help you learn and retain the information. From pen to paper, you can also ‘practice’ your notes by typing them up as a last step.

This will help raise your retention level, because the actions engage your brain in a different way. Then, if you are going to bother taking the notes — at least revisit them as time goes on (they can make for great content ideas!).

Track your Progress

Another way to gauge where your learning curve is at, is to keep an accurate journal of the progress you make. This will keep you on track to meet the deadline you’ve set for yourself. Follow this routine consistently. With the right strategy or even blueprint, the only obstacle in your way will become your commitment.

Invest in a Coach or Mentor

If you’re anxious to shorten your learning curve with accountability and direction, or everything else you try isn’t working, you might want to invest in a coach. Being actively involved with a coach and having to ‘report’ to their deadlines will force you to take action. And when you combined their expertise, motivation and accountability together — success is inevitable.

What things have you learned along the way that help with learning how to shorten your learning curve? Is there one tip that stands out more than others? Let me know in the comments!

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shorten your learning curve