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What is a Social Impacter and Why Network Marketers Should Care

There is no question that experiencing the culture of network marketing is exciting for most people. We might also be able to agree that we are in the business of growing people, changing lives, and having the ability to earn an income along the way. You may have entered the industry because you were inspired or motivated, or you simply needed some extra cash. Do you ever consider the impact you made in the process? Have you ever considered the term social impacter?

While working with my coaching community, and Facebook audience at large, I was moved by much of the testimonials and feedback I receive daily. I found myself finding my niche in the industry by helping people grow their businesses on social media, the right way.

Often, I believe in people more than I believe in myself. And, I wanted to help.

I wanted to help people have the ability to work from home, or the beaches of the world, while impacting as many lives positively, as possible.

What does it mean, to make an impact?

im·pact (verb) imˈpak
  1. 1. come into forcible contact with another object.
    2. have a strong effect on someone or something.
    affect, influence, have an effect on, make an impression on

Now, in this case I’ll reference example two (2) – not interested in any forcible contact!

Doing things that have a profound and positive effect on those around us means that we stand out in people’s minds, and leave a lasting impression of what is possible with the right actions.

But the act of making this impact requires something that many people are hesitant to do –  become a leader. This is not to say that one has to be the top of a company or top earner to take the reigns. It simply means that impact sometimes requires a guided effort – one that cannot be accomplished while following along without intention.

Impact requires purposeful, intended effort to ensure that what needs to happen gets done the right way.

In today’s technology age, the reach of creating an impact is enormous, limitless even. Through social media, we are able to have our message reach places that would never have been possible, or realistic.

social impacter

Social Impacter.

How fitting really and something I am growing more and more passionate about. A collective group of people making a difference Internationally, from coast to coast, and hemisphere to hemisphere. A movement of individuals who are committed to their brand, their identity in building their businesses, the right way, on social media.

Social Impacters rise above negativity and fill the world with a positive light and love for people. 

Picture yourself, your current situation in your business. Chances are, you have been connected with the Social Selling Society for sometime, or perhaps you are a part of our Facebook community. Or, this may be your very first exposure to this concept of social media selling and recruiting in network marketing – and if that’s the case, you stumbled upon the right post!

Being a social impacter means you are committed to growing your business, online, the right way. We have seen far too many social media practices that hurt the industry as a whole – and there needed to be a change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Ghandi

You might say I took this quote quite literally, and I don’t apologize for that. I believe that where we want to see change, we need to make the effort. And, I am conscious enough to know that it is a process that takes time, and the right people. It is not what one person can do for the world, it is about a collection of people.

Good people.

Great people. 

Impactful, people. 

So let’s talk about what it looks like to be a social impacter.

Social (noun)

  1. relating to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations
  2. seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious

Impacter (noun)

  1. someone who makes an impact

When combined, the intention of social relates to that of social media and making an impact. Thus, you have the foundation of what a Social Impacter means, literally.

But it is so much bigger than that.

Social Impacters choose to Empower, Inspire and Uplift others

It is about making a positive impact through the use of social media in the network marketing profession (and beyond really). It is a matter of insisting specific influencers who have demonstrated these qualities both personally and professionally and showing others how to do so.

We should always learn from those who came before us – remembering that applied knowledge is power. Through this type of social movement, and one that we have not seen in the profession to date – at this level – a lot more lives will be enhanced, and badly, changed.

A movement is where no one is left behind. And frankly, I don’t care what business you are from, if you have partners who are side line,  up line, cross line, any line – to improve the industry as a whole, requires collective efforts.

And, these efforts need to be with proper training and facilitation of such training. There are too many people, maybe even you, trying desperately to make ends meet, or pay for that swimming lesson, take your family on a holiday or pay of some debt. Network Marketing is a brilliant industry to achieve that (and then some) but so many are left to figure it out on their own.

No one is left behind.

Social Impacter’s believe in making a difference in people’s lives.


This can be done through everyday habits we already do without realizing…

social impacter

… or ones we can implement right away.

  • Smile – Who knew that a smile could go so far? Being friendly to others is a great way to brighten up someone else’s day. Whether it’s at the store, work, or simply walking along the street, a nice gesture like a smile could go a long way for someone having a bad day.

Social Media Equivalent: Send a private message, maybe through a voice note. Wish someone a great morning, or a wonderful day. Comment on a recent post, show genuine, authentic interest. Instil that same they smiled at me feeling, through actions.

  • Volunteer ‘to help’ – Volunteering is an amazing experience that gets us out of our daily routines and allows us to turn our efforts outwards. Go out and help feed the homeless, volunteer at local events – even picking up trash in your city is a great way to give back.

Social Media Equivalent: Offer suggestions in a forum or group post about solving a problem. Perhaps this is an interest page, or hobby group. Offer to help brainstorm, or collaborate ideas, mastermind. Offer value through live videos, for the sole purpose of, offering value.

  • Invest & Listen – Society has become so drenched in the buzz of technology that real face-to-face interaction and relationship is growing scarce. Next time you throw out the usual, “Hi, how are you doing?” make an effort to really invest in what is going in that person’s life. Ask questions that show you really care and want to listen.

Social Media Equivalent: Same idea, relationship building. Seek to listen, not to respond. Use strategies like FORM, be authentic – care.

These three (3) things, won’t cost you a penny. And will take little to no time at all – with the potential of changing someones entire day. One of the things that is too often lost in the industry, and we discuss it often, are relationships.

As humans, we crave that ability to feel. Emotions are what drive us to act.

People will always remember how you make them feel. 

Social Impacters recognize above all else, we are in the business of people. Growing people, helping people, supporting people, and all things in between. You likely joined the network marketing industry for the ability to help others, inspire others to do more and be more.

Think of the last time you helped someone on your team – you probably felt incredible afterwards. Watching people grow and succeed after implementing a few tips you suggested is immeasurable. With a movement like the one being created as a social impacter – imagine how many lives you could change around the world.

Close your eyes, imagine this for a moment.

You deserve this, providing you are up for the challenge.

The challenge of upholding integrity within our profession on and off social media. The challenge of being patient and plugging others into trainings and communities like this one, for the sole purpose of helping them grow, excel, and reach new heights. The challenge of growing others and knowing in turn, will only grow yourself (and your business).

Are you up for the Social Impacter Movement?

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social impacter

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