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Elevate your Social Media Content with these 4 Tools

You’re here because you want to learn how to elevate your social media content, right? Maybe you’re tired of your Facebook being a ghost town when it comes to your business? Perhaps you are fed up of falling short and are ready to maximize the opportunity you have your hands on?

You know, that it’s time to make a few tweaks. And, what is important to note is you need to own that. You need to make the decision that you are going to create a plan and then follow through. Plans are great but not all that helpful if you don’t execute them.

You see, I love teaching and coaching sure. But, what I love more is working with the coachable. I believe that the tools I share with you today, are going to help you make big things happen.

4 Tools to Crush your Social Media Content


Does the following sound familiar?

Have you found yourself asking questions like:

  1. What content should I share on my social media profile?
  2. How can I share a video on Facebook in a new, creative way?
  3. How can I use the latest Instagram feature effectively?

Chances are you answered ‘yes’, to at least one of those questions.

Create Recorded Videos or, Go Live


Guess what? Think of the last time you were scrolling your newsfeed and saw a video come up from sites like Buffer or and Sprout Social. They, are almost always creating their videos with a mobile phone. So when it comes to ‘tools’ you need to crush your social media content …

Get out your phone.

You don’t need fancy equipment like lights and microphones — they’re not important when starting out. What’s important is generating consistent content. And, although recorded videos do not receive the same reach as a live video they do more than not doing one at all.

social media animoto

Try an app like Animoto for example (one of the top apps for editing and comes with a free trial offer). Add captions if you want for little to no cost at all. Do something that will help you stand out, without breaking the bank.

And, when it comes to Facebook Live videos – engage.


Don’t be afraid to stop for a moment and acknowledge your viewers. Engaging with your audience is a great tool yet, continues to be underused. You see, if you are prepared for your video with notes for example, stopping to say what’s up to one of your viewers shouldn’t interrupt your delivery. Pause, and head back to your notes.

Couple Facts from Facebook Live and Social Media Examiner…

  1. Reach: Facebook ranks live videos higher on the News Feed than non-live content. Also, Michael Stelzner, CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner, shared on Buffer’s Science of Social Media podcast that going live increased the reach of their non-live Facebook Page content too.
  2. Engagement: According to Facebook, “People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live.”

If you are not using these tools — you need to be. I have shared before that all it takes is to start small – the first one is the hardest. But, it gets easier after that – seriously. Although the nerves may still be there and there will be a mix of emotions, they are worth every moment.

Lastly, consider interviewing someone live. This is a great way to ease the nerves since it becomes more about having conversation with the person you are interviewing. And, could help ease the nerves a little bit too. (I am currently using Streamyard for this)

User Generated Content


First and foremost, what does this mean?

Think about your audience. If you have completed your Audience Profile, this should be easy. What are the things they are talking about? Let’s say for example Suzy posts ‘back to school lunches are the worst!’ Then, you realize your other Facebook friend Mary, has a similar post.

Well, guess what? Clearly .. Back to school lunches are a problem. And, what a coincidence you happen to be pretty resourceful in the kitchen. Take a few moments and throw together a post relevant to back to school lunches. You could even comment on their posts later saying ‘oh my gosh I actually just did a post about this!’.

Find the problem, offer a solution.

Now, I understand that back to school lunches are not an every day business for most– but this is where you need to set that to secondary for a moment and put your relationships first. Chances are good that Suzy and Mary will love the post. In turn, you have created value for them, provided a solution to a problem.

This, creates the underlying trust that we know, causes relationships to thrive.

Be mindful about what your audience is posting about and spin it into the value you deliver, to over deliver your social media content on platforms like Facebook.

You may hear this referred to as ‘social listening‘. The greatest marketers listen more, than they speak. This is why their social media content stands out above the rest – they’ve listened.

Capture your Inspiration from Others


You are scrolling Facebook and you come across a brilliant post! You love it, you comment and engage with it, and then you move on. Instead, save it (also known as swipe it). Evernote is a great app that you can store tons of files, images, etc. social media evernote

Now, in no way am I suggesting you simply copy and paste someone else’s status. However, there is no reason you can’t use it for inspiration. The best part is, you can put your own spin on it – relate it to your audience.

Memes are great content to store.

And, if you have read my post about how motivational posts can hurt your business – you will want to do that too. Swipe files aren’t meant to be copied word for word — they are designed to create a file of inspiration for the days you are in need of new ideas. Because let’s be honest copying and pasting someone else’s content will not help your business without including your own perspective, opinion, or otherwise.

Some of the best statuses to swipe for later are ones that have a teachable moment you can relate to or, analogies. These are often great conversation starters and, you already know people ‘like’ the content.

Why? Because you did! Take that post for inspiration, and interpret it your way, with your personality.

The main thing is, start coy reating the file.

Creating your own Images with Canva


I know, I mention Canva a lot in our content because honestly, it’s free and delivers some great quality. So much of their platform is ‘drag and drop’ and, you can customize colors and fonts to ones you associate with your own brand.

Using this tool to help elevate social media images, helps you stand out. It allows your images and content to become recognized by others, even those who may not follow you yet. When we think about brand recognition, we wonder if there’s enough value put on that. Because, what we have learned is the more content we pump out, with our familiar colors for example, people recognize it. And, when people recognize your brand it becomes a safe and comfortable space for the consumer.

Familiarity will almost always, generate a relationship. It is like the social media way of ‘hey you look kind of familiar‘. This is a game changer. So instead of scrolling endlessly on Instagram or Pinterest looking for the ‘right’ meme, image or quote to post – create it!

social media Grammarly

Bonus Tool for Social Media Content: Grammarly


This free tool is GREAT for those who are pushing out written content. There is nothing worse than a value filled post that is littered with spelling errors or poor grammar. Now listen, I’m not claiming to be the best writers ever either — but I know this tool can help refine those areas.


There are people out there who desperately need your message …

But they lose it because of poor spelling or grammar. Grammarly is a great tool and, it’s free!

Overall, I hope you found these tools helpful and, right at your fingertips. Bells and whistles can come if you want them down the road — but for now? Use what you have because I know, you can absolutely crush your social media content with consistency, persistency and at no additional cost (other than your commitment)

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