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Strategies to Improve your Facebook Visibility to grow your Business

You will probably agree with us when we suggest that the reach on Facebook is all over the place. This is where we see a lot of those dreaded algorithm posts (read more on the Facebook algorithm hereunfortunately. The reality is the timeline has its own rhyme or reason for showing your content. And, we hope the strategies we share with you today, will help you improve your Facebook visibility.

Why does Facebook Visibility Matter?

Outside of the obvious, being that you want your immediate Facebook circle to see your posts — you want to create enough visibility that this reach extends organically. When we reference the word organically it is directed at your content exceeding its ‘typical’ reach. In addition, it refers to people that are not necessarily directly connected to you — but your ‘friends, friends’.

In our private coaching and even in our free Facebook community, this is why we focus a lot of content on videos — specifically Facebook Live. This is because we know that videos extend a far greater reach than any other content right now.

Many people are seeing a reach of around 3% – 6% or lower.


The reality of organic posting on Facebook is that only a small number of the people who are connected to you, will see your posts.

So what can you do about it?

5 Tips to help Improve your Facebook Visibility

#1 Post videos directly within Facebook

Many people have tested and proven that you receive better reach and engagement on video posts when you post the actual video on Facebook. This means, posting the actual video file to Facebook instead of sharing a video that was posted on YouTube for example.

If you want even greater reach (Facebook visibility) of your video consider using Facebook Live as your vehicle. Alternatively, uploading a recorded video directly to Facebook.

In other words, Facebook does not like when you ‘take the traffic’ away from the platform. As a result, those posts reach an incredibly small number of people and when you are using social media for your network marketing business — this is a problem.

#2 Post/schedule within Facebook natively

Now, this point is still up for debate because it is not proven 100% to make an impact on the reach of your posts. However, we recommend posting and scheduling (if you have this option) posts right within Facebook versus using a third party program.

Third party programs include;

  1. Buffer
  2. Sprout Social
  3. HubSpot
  4. HootSuite
  5. Agora Pulse

… and so on.

Facebook has a history of edge ranking things within its own platform favourably.

Why take a chance? When Facebook’s own scheduling tool is great.

And, don’t get us wrong — these are among some great tools for synchronizing your social media content and ensuring the consistency in posting, but know that it may affect your Facebook visibility.

If anything, consider a trial period for ninety (90) days and go from there.

Facebook Visibility

#3 Monitor your Facebook Post Frequency

This may include posting less. Yes. We’ll say it again – this might include posting LESS frequently. A very common question we receive is ‘how often should I post to Facebook?’.

Instead of worrying about posting many posts, post less, but post better quality.

Make sure the posts you share are of high-quality content, targeted at your audience. Should you require some direction on discovering your Audience Profile check out this post here. When your content is likely to resonate and be of interest to your audience, it is likely going to get more engagement — comments, shares and likes.

#4 Set your Goal to Create posts that People will want to Share

‘Shareability’ is one way you can extend the reach of your posts to a much larger audience. The more people share your posts, the more they will be seen by other people. Those people, if they also like the content, will Like, Share and Comment.

The more likes, comments and shares a post has, the more people will see it. Thus, creating a massive impact on your Facebook visibility.

Many of the amazing posts we have seen reach large audiences (even viral in some cases) are ones that don’t scream JOIN MY COMPANY! Seriously, they are well crafted posts that over deliver in value without anything (or anyone) specific tied to the outcome.

Whether these posts be written, images or videos — value is value. Sure, we recommend using video as your method of delivery because they are favored in the newsfeed, however consistent value will never lose.

#5 Be Consistent with your Content and its Delivery

Believe it or not, consistency matters in your business and in your Facebook visibility too. When these social platforms were created they were done with the intention of increasing social connections. The idea is to be social — and anyone who is effective in the world of relationship marketing knows that consistency is key.

Engagement on your posts is great but your engagement on others content can be even greater. How you interact and communicate within the Facebook platform, matters. We know that simply posting once or twice a day with little to no other activity within it, your visibility will fall short.

However, think of the familiar names you see on your timeline — we would be they are interacting all over Facebook world. This is no, coincidence.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Visibility

Although nothing is 100% guaranteed in the social media world, there are too many consistencies that you can’t ignore. And, as a network marketer or direct sales consultant you want to be taking advantage of them.

The five tips we listed above to help improve your Facebook visibility and reach, require only a tweak or adjustment in your current practices. The design is not to add more time or effort to your routine — but instead, to demonstrate effective ways of making sure you ‘showing up’.

We would love your comments below on what has worked for you — and even what hasn’t. We believe that there is always a lesson to be learned through someone else trials.

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Facebook Visibility