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10 Tips to Building a Better Social Media Presence

You will probably agree with me that social media is here to stay. And, as an entrepreneur, creating a better and stronger social media presence is more than likely on your priority list.

(This also applies to small business owners, network marketers, etc.)

And, just because you know that social media isn’t going anywhere it’s also probable that you haven’t had an opportunity to really develop an effective content strategy for your business yet. You may have been misguided in past (which I hear a lot of!) or, your previous efforts are simply falling short.

The good news is that you can switch up your strategy any time.

In fact, if something has run a 30-60 day consistent course and still isn’t hitting — time to reevaluate.

In this post I am going to give you my top tips on creating a stronger social media presence.

Because, it’s time you started getting compensated for your efforts, right?

Tips for a Better Social Media Presence


Because we live in a digital age, most people rely on the internet to educate themselves, right? I mean think about the things you search for online before you make a purchase, make a decision or join a community.

We can agree that your social media posts should showcase your industry knowledge, appeal to your clients’ interests, and reveal your brand’s identity. And so, ensuring you are putting your best face forward — matters.

Let’s dive in.

Set Intentions


How intentional are you being with your social media content? Have you outlined specific goals that you hope each post will achieve for you and your business? When we set intentions for our profiles and content, it shows. When we are ‘winging’ it … it rarely serves its purpose and you can start to feel like you’re spinning your wheels for very little results.

Ideal Avatar


Knowing who your ideal client and/or customer is, is crucial if you are seeking to create content for impact and profits. If you haven’t completed one yet, be sure to reach out I have a great worksheet I can send you that I know will simplify this process for you. (sooner the better!)

Be Consistent


You’ve heard this time and time again — I get it. However, it is said time and time again because of its importance. To truly create a better social media presence, you have to be consistent. Consistent with your content, your engagement and your relationships.

Vulnerable is the new Viral


A strong social media presence will require some vulnerability on your part. See, people want to relate to you, feel like they know you are that you truly understand their wants and needs. When you are vulnerable, genuine and authentic with your audience, you are able to create those connections on a deeper level which often results in larger sales.

Be Positive


There is enough negativity to last a lifetime on social media. Be the light in other’s lives!

This doesn’t mean you have to paint rainbows and unicorns daily but it also doesn’t mean you need to add to the negativity that people can find elsewhere. This is especially true if you are a business/brand looking to create a stronger social media presence overall (and one that will serve you).

Money follows Impact


If you want to create a substantial income using social media it will be reflected in the number of lives you impact for the better. When you are creating and/or engaging as yourself; how will this impact the reader or viewer? If you are happy with that answer — keep going!

In the event you are unsure, circle back to the rest of this list and consider ways you can create more impact and add more value in other peoples’ lives.

Clear Pictures and Videos


If you want people to take you seriously, you have to get serious!

Be mindful of the images and videos you are posting. I am not suggesting you need the finest camera or set up — in fact you can achieve great images and videos with your phone these days! But PLEASE, take the time to ensure that they aren’t blurry or grainy or ‘over-filtered’. Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes — would you like the way they looked?

Generic Value


You have value to offer, expertise to share and lives to impact, right? Think about your industry or niche — what can you offer in terms of value without having to turn it into a sales pitch or even talk about your products or services for that matter.

More people are drawn to content that can be perceived as general or generic and as a result of that, more people will be inclined to reach out to you because you’ve answered some of their questions, piqued their interest or, you were exactly who they were looking for!

Seek Relationships, not just Sales


Sales are born out of relationships — spend more time fostering and nurturing those before you worry about making that next sale. People buy from people they know, like and trust — be one of those people!

Invest in Coaching and/or Courses


Yes it might feel scary but almost always worth it. Refining our craft as entrepreneurs is super important. We should always be looking to take things to the next level, master our skills and learn from those who have come before us. As I mentioned above, money follows impact, and the best way to impact more people is to maximize those efforts. A coach or courses (or a combination) can help give perspective, shorten the learning curve and help build a stronger social media presence overall.

Do you have any tips you would add to this list? Would love to hear from you in the comments and please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help serve you and your business is any way.

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