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The Struggle is all part of the Deal in Network Marketing

The struggle is part of being a business owner and/or network marketer. It should be a struggle to achieve something big. And, should be really, really hard.

No one prepares you that there will be a high chance of failure, and it will be really stressful.

There are going to be many times when you are not sure if you are following the right path — questioning your decisions as a result. And, if I’m being real with you … it should be filled with heartache and rejection.

Building a business is hard, difficult and can be overwhelming. It will cause you to make your mindset a priority. Because, you are going to want to quit — maybe even more than once.

While being in this incredible industry could be for everyone, not everyone is ready for that journey. I do believe you are though for the simple fact you are here wanting more.

The struggle is part of doing anything great.

Think Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t struggle?  Maybehe acts like he doesn’t but, we all know he faces challenges that some of us couldn’t even begin to overcome.

He constantly has to push himself more than everyone else. He needs to work harder than everyone else. He needs to be innovative, creative, and trust those around him.

Doing something hard has serious risks.

Some people who change the world end up paying the ultimate price.  And yes, their lives were defined by struggle — much of which they never overcame. But take a moment and think of the world-changers, the most successful people you know (personally or otherwise), actors, musicians and so on.

Of course, don’t get me wrong … being a network marketers is also a lot of fun.

In fact, the struggle itself can be really fun with the right mindset.

And many of these new programs, challenges and bootcamps have been designed to significantly reduce struggle. People like coaches, leaders and those who have come before you — ask them. Take a moment and truly ask them if they’ve seen struggle.

Ask them what they’ve done to overcome it, preserve, and hang in there at all costs.

Then, ask them if their struggle was worth it.

Happiness is a state of mind.

And struggling can be a positive journey if you allow yourself to be grateful for the lessons and opportunities it can bring along the way.

To all struggling and unhappy business owners out there: you’re not alone. And, you won’t be alone when you overcome it either. You will have the ability to look back and think ‘wow, I did that’. This is where you will then be able to take that experience and help those who come after you.

When someone asks, “How’s your new business going?” …

… we want to immediately respond in a positive way. ‘Who cares if it’s only been three, six or nine months, I can’t possibly let people know how things are actually going’.

Imagine if we, as network marketing professionals, could actually speak proudly about our struggle. Guess what? You can. As long as you leave your audience, reader or listener with a lesson — you can absolutely speak about it. In fact, in can be incredibly empowering for others.

I have no doubt you can deliver.

So, go on and make it happen.

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struggle network marketing