team motivation How to motivate your network marketing team

Team Motivation | How can you Motivate them?

So, you’ve figured out ways and strategies to keep you motivated. But, your team motivation, on the other hand, is possibly struggling? 

In today’s post (and included video), I will share with you three ways to help you help your team to work harder.

Because as the saying goes, ‘teamwork makes the dream work,’ right?

Unfortunately, a lot of times, we see that vision long before they do. This is among the biggest struggles for leaders of all team shapes and sizes. So if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. But the good news is it doesn’t need to last forever. 

Most of the time, it’s tweaking WE need to make as sponsors or leaders, and I am confident you will find these tips helpful!

3 Ways to Help You with Team Motivation


People are the main and among the most critical resource of each organization. For achieving great results, each leader needs to have a team motivation strategy to create and maintain the spirit of enthusiasm among each other. Often, once you can lead at least one person in your team to ‘work harder (or smarter), others feel that and begin implementing it into their own lives.

Not always, but remember, all it takes is one person, and why shouldn’t that person be you?

Stop Wanting it More for Them!


This is probably the biggest tip to implement when seeking to improve team motivation. It is super common for leaders to see the potential or greatness in someone else before they see it in themselves. Although, in many ways, this is a fantastic quality to possess, however, focusing on helping them find that belief is far more powerful.

Sometimes, people need to spend time figuring it out on their own before they will be open to your help and support. This doesn’t mean you stop showing up for them, but it does mean allowing them the time and space to find that belief.

Set Better Expectations


Think about your phrasing when you speak with your team members. Consider making shifts — where necessary. For example, instead of using words like ‘join me,’ consider shifting to words or phrases like ‘let’s get started. This leaves people with the feeling of inclusivity and belonging, knowing that they’re not alone.

Words like ‘started’ help those team members seeking motivation to identify that their ‘work‘ has just begun and you are willing to help them launch their business. Additionally, avoid setting expectations way too high for others.

Meet people where they’re at.

Inspire Team Motivation through your Actions


Your role as a leader is to walk the talk. Avoid getting caught in managing others — you didn’t hire them. Instead, give people a reason to follow you. Want your team members to do live videos? Show them the way. Are you asking them to connect daily with 5-10 new people? Well, show them how it’s done.

The best leaders are the ones who inspire others through their actions. So think about this for a moment — What are you demonstrating to your team? Are you leading by example? 

Or, are you caught sitting back telling others instead of showing? 

This can be a tough one to swallow — but an important one!


Lastly, if you are in the network marketing or direct sales space and are looking to improve team motivation, morale and productivity — share this post with them.

Be the leader you set out to be.

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