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3 Ways to Tell Better Stories on Social Media

You’ve heard it plenty of times before … facts tell stories sell. And yet, so many online entrepreneurs continue to miss the mark on this one. In this post, you can expect to learn 3 ways to tell better stories on social media … because, people want to know you.

People buy from others they feel like know, like and trust.

So sure, your behind the scenes efforts through Facebook or Instagram stories are a great start — but why stop there? Think about the content, emails, blogs or otherwise that pull you in.

And, think about the purchases you make when buying online. You will find that it’s often a brand you’ve already come to trust, a referral from someone you trust or, a captivating piece of content with great reviews, images, etc.

When I talk about using stories in your content I’m not referring to the long, dramatic, climatic type story from the beginning until now. Yes, those are great and have a place too. However, I’m talking about moments and experiences in your every day that others can relate to.

Will relate to.

And, want more of.

3 Ways to Tell Better Stories on Social Media


You don’t just look to your past to find stories, you can create your own stories by setting big goals for your business.

Story-driven goals represent the impact you want to make in the world through the work you are doing. It’s the future that you create day by day with this vision in mind.

There are a few key benefits to using an enormous goal;

  1. It makes it easy to talk about your business – A big goal is a super powerful tool to create conversation and curiosity when discussing your brand and business.
  2. Big goals create something bigger than yourself – With a big goal you show your audience that you’re doing — more than just profit, you’re serving a greater purpose. This allows you to bring your audience into your vision.
  3. It creates more meaning for you (and your team) – A BIG goal doesn’t only impact your customers, but it also impacts your team. Your team will be inspired by your vision which increases loyalty, motivation and rockstar culture.


To create a BIG goal, you will need a measurable goal that’s connected to your story. If it’s measurable you can share your progress and as a result, making it tangible. Thinking of your goal should create some (good) nerves and leave you wondering “how the heck am I going to pull this off?”

This, is what you want!

Your Audience should be the Hero!


This means the hero of your story is not you.

Your role when learning to tell better stories on social media is to be the guide. Are you familiar with the Hero’s Journey? If not, make some time to familiarize yourself it can take your content from a place of ego (unintentionally) to a place of servitude.

This is the first and most important secret to telling better stories online. If you focus on yourself and what’s interesting to you, then your stories will come off as “hype” and have the opposite effect. It’s instead of building a connection with your audience, they will repel them.

That’s not to say you should not tell stories about yourself. Sharing your stories is critical. But remember that your audience experiences your stories as if they were living them. So make sure that the experience and message are what they are in need of hearing.

Share your ‘Secret Sauce’ — It’ll be worth it.


Think about a time you were in grandma’s kitchen and she was baking your favorite chocolate chip cookies. (I’m a huge Cookie Monster by the way…) And, you loved her cookie recipe so much that having them anywhere else now just feels ‘second‘ best.

Well, remember that cookie recipe when you’re creating and delivering your stories online …

It’s a process similar to a recipe.

Here’s what I mean.

  1. Make it 3-5 steps: 3 steps is often the best because it’s easy to remember and understand.
  2. Show you’re an every day person: It should point to the fact that you’re human too and have shared the frustrations and challenges that your audience feels.
  3. Show you’re amazing: Though you can relate to your audience, you’ve also done the work or discovered a ‘secret sauce‘ that makes you the perfect person to solve their problem.
  4. Show you care: Connect your process with a personal story that shows why you care about solving their particular ‘problem’.

Overall, start small and stay consistent. If you truly want to tell better stories on social media, you’ve got to start somewhere. Make note of the stories and experiences your audience relates to the most and give them more of those.

Storytelling has been around forever and ever — finally as entrepreneurs we’ve adopted its true value.

How will you start incorporating more stories into your content? Let me know in the comments.


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tell better stories on social media