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What is a Virtual Mentor and does Everyone Need One?

Have you heard the term virtual mentor before? Now, this can look a little different for some people and in this post I want to shed a little insight.

The picture you see above, was taken 5 years ago. Little did I know how big of an impact this man, Pastor Craig would have on my life both spiritually and mentally. I was first introduced to him virtually back in 2008 at a network marketing company event.

After hearing a quick excerpt he delivered on leadership, I knew this was a guy I needed to follow! Little did I know that I would meet Pastor Craigs’ church, called Life Church about 6 years later in Fort Worth Texas.

However, he began as my virtual mentor and his impact was incredibly powerful.

Do you have a Virtual Mentor?

A virtual mentor is described as providing opinions, recommendations, and counsel online. A mentor is an individual with a particular area of expertise who acts as a coach or counselor (via Encyclopedia).

Now, we can look at this in 2 different ways;

  1. Traditional mentor which is taking place either via email or Zoom where you have monthly check-ins to assess your progress.
  2. A virtual mentor where you become a student of an influencers work.

The second is what I am speaking to you about today.

Think about the people in your life right now that you seek guidance from. These are people you may have never met personally (yet) but have impacted your life in a huge way. And, it’s also important that I mention that a mentor doesn’t need to be specifically business related. See, with Pastor Craig I have no idea the shifts he would help me make as I mentioned earlier.

I consider him to be one of my top-5 mentors (even if it is virtually). Although I don’t see his mentorship in a traditional sense, one of my favorite things to plug into besides church every Sunday morning, is his Business leader podcast; The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.

It’s amazing where your least expecting mentor can come from, isn’t it?

Who influences your life?

Where did you first come across them?

Where does one find a virtual mentor?

Well, think about the areas in your life that you would like to seek support and counsel from. Although I do believe it’s important to work closely with those who have been where you are headed — a virtual mentor might surprise you.

Examine the people you follow personally and professionally. What do you take away from them when you watch or listen? Do you take the time to apply what you’ve learned? Remember, you can follow a ton of people but a virtual mentor are the ones where you take action.

They share their passion, their gift and their expertise with you because they want to influence change. And sure, they don’t know you personally but inspiring and impacting others is why, they do what they do. For me, and Pastor Craig’s guidance, I find continued support with those who follow him too. These supporting communities are an excellent side bar to the virtual mentor themselves.

Are you seeking community for your business? Be it network marketing, real estate, brick and mortar business, or otherwise? I knew there was a need in this area when I opened my Facebook Community and to date … it has gone on to help and inspire thousands of lives.

I hope to see you inside.

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