12 Tips to Become a Stronger Leader

How do I create more leaders in my business? This question is one that just about everyone asks at some point in their network marketing journey. And it’s a pretty simple answer that doesn’t require a lot from you, although it does require knowing that it starts with you. In this post, you will gain 12 tips that will teach you how to become a stronger leader.

The reality is that for many, network marketing offers a clear path to becoming a business owner and an opportunity to grow skills and nurture talents in some significant ways.

The journey isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

Becoming a stronger leader means creating and grabbing hold of your vision and creating self-motivation.

Because leaders are creative and influential, inspiring their team around a shared vision in which everyone feels included and connected. That’s culture.

Additionally, leaders produce growth whether you help them or not.

The question remains; are you ready?

12 Tips to Become a Stronger Leader


Leadership starts NOW. To become a stronger leader, quit waiting for a team of hundreds – even dozens. Instead, you can start building your leadership skills when it’s just you. That way, you will begin to attract more of the right people AND get you prepared for when you are leading hundreds or even thousands of team members.

Remember, it’s about people. So when you are working on and refining your leadership skills, please don’t lose sight of yourself in the relationship business. You are not just leading numbers or builders; you are leading people.

Respect isn’t optional. ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated. This applies to customers, prospects, distributors, and quite frankly, anyone else part of your business. If your goal is to become a stronger leader, give people a reason worth following you.

Respect goes a LONG way.

Effective communication is critical. Since many of us are building businesses online, don’t shy away from using voice notes or video calls. Unfortunately, things can be misconstrued through text — don’t let that happen. Otherwise, you spend far too much time in a damage control phase. Learning how to improve your communication skills will serve you well as you continue to grow.

Leaders Take Action


While you are working on becoming a stronger leader, PLEASE stay out of management mode. Instead, lead by example, and show others what to do by simply doing it. Walk the talk, not the other way around.

Learn to give back. If you have members in your downline who are putting in the work (not results based here) … give them something to show you recognize and appreciate them. This can be satisfied with something as simple as a thank you card — or a Starbucks gift card.

These gestures may seem minor to you, but they are HUGE to others.

Ensure you have resources and training available. Now, tap into existing resources and leaders that you have access to. You want to ensure you start every new person you welcome into your business off on the right foot. And, while you grow, this will foster the ‘no one gets left behind’ mindset.

Harness your passion. So much so that others can’t help but see it. When you are passionate about what you are doing, it allows others to 1) want to become a part of your vision and 2) help them dig deeper about what they’re passionate about. Your passion can often translate to belief – stay passionate!

ALWAYS be ethical.

Great leaders play by the rules. You won’t find them trying to circumvent the systems in place. The way you do one thing is how you do all things, and by demonstrating great ethics, you will cultivate a culture that will, in turn, do the same.

Keep calm. Even when things you come up against may drive you to sheer frustration, take a breath. Your leadership speaks volumes about how you respond in vulnerable, frustrating, or even annoying situations. Others look to leaders for that sense of calming, critical thinking and problem-solving. Be the person they can reach out to.

Ditch the Drama


If your goal is to become a stronger leader or even a leader, drama has no place in your business. If you need to vent or debrief with someone … ‘bad news’ should always go to an upline, never to your downline.

If you have time to entertain drama in your business, you are not working hard enough.

Don’t overlook responsibility. Leaders can admit their mistakes and learn from them. Do not try to shift the blame onto someone else’s shoulders. Accepting responsibility helps you not only grow but learn.

Which leadership qualities would you add to this list? Makes sure you leave a comment below!

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