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Top 10 Recommended Books for Network Marketing and Direct Sales

After having zero success in network marketing in my first four years there were 2 things I realized I needed more of. 1) Learning the ins and outs of social media and attraction marketing, and 2) Diving into the recommended books for network marketing (and direct sales). I also understood the knowledge is only power once its applied. So, the choice of books for network marketing was key.

After those first four years, things changed.

I went from not earning one dollar in the profession, to ranking #4 overall and landing #2 recruiter in my previous company. You might agree, things changed.

Since leaving that company, I wanted to make it my mission to help other network marketing professionals and direct sales consultants. I wanted them to experience the same shifts in their respective businesses. Serving and empowerment have always superseded the financial rewards. Although no one can ever argue that income is a bad thing.

It just simply wasn’t (and isn’t) my primary purpose.

Helping others is. 

And, as a result I wanted to compile my Top 10 recommended books for network marketing and direct sales to better serve that community. I also believe that once these books are added to your arsenal (and applied) you too will see the shifts and success you are working for.

I am truly blessed and thankful for the time I have in this profession. Even more so, grateful for the impact we have made since.

Coach Fryer’s Top 10 Recommended Books for Network Marketing and Direct Sales

1. recommended booksHow to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie  

This book was first published in 1937, and continues to be one of the best books for both network marketers and direct sales consultants. This book will give you fundamental ways in connecting and dealing with people. It will also teach you what you need to know about cultivating meaningful relationships. And, we know that relationships are the key in this industry. There’s no secret this gem is among my top 10 recommended books!


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2Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert Kiyosaki 

Another classic! Deemed to be one of the top personal finance books ever! This book dives into essentially smart money. In Rich Dad Poor Dad – it goes much deeper than the monetary value of money – it dives into your thoughts about money. The ability to acquire, invest and propel your own personal finance to depths and heights you may never have quite understood. This gem is in my opinion, critical to those who are looking to earn six figures and more in their network marketing or direct sales business.


recommended books3. Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

Next up on my top recommended books for network marketing and direct sales professionals! This book is among one of the top reads for those who are brand new to the profession, and/or people who are getting back to the basics. In this guide-like format, this book will literally walk you through the top 7 actionable steps that anyone can apply to their business. Eric Worre is no stranger to this amazing profession and shares his ‘aha’ moments throughout.


recommended books4. The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers: Grow yourself FIRST to Grow your Business Fast by Hal Elrod, Pat Petrini and Honoree Corder

This recommended book is a great read for those who may have reached that plateau in their business. The authors of this title, recognize that you have probably tried and tested various strategies and they simply aren’t working! It is interesting to see how little tweaks and changes can make all the difference.

This recommended book takes you through the habits of the ‘1%’ with respect to rituals, mindsets and strategies. The best part? The suggestions made in this book are ones you can apply immediately regardless of your niche!

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5. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

This recommended read comes with a long list of reviews that include words like; inspiring, motivating, uplifting, most useful instrument, results driven, etc. Which is what makes this selection a no brainer. Although we are in the profession of sharing, to earn an income, we are also in the business of selling. It’s HOW we sell that makes all the difference. It’s HOW we treat people, connect with people, serve people  – that matters most.


recommended books6. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone 

Many of you are familiar with Grant Cardone and that is great, here’s why. Before he was a multi millionaire building multiple companies – he was broke. More than broke,  jobless and drug addicted. This read is among my top recommended books with a few reasons in mind. The primary reason? Showing you what’s possible. The success he takes you throughout the book is about how to harness your goals and obsession and skyrocket them. Regardless of the career path you are on; this book will help you grab hold of the driving force – and DRIVE IT.


recommended books7. Sell or be Sold by Grant Cardone

Truth is, there isn’t much about Grant Cardone that we can’t recommend in terms of value and business these days. He has been cranking out a ton of books and videos, etc. that I believe are a true benefit to the network marketing and direct sales space. This book will help you identify the skills to acquire and master for sales. And, this can be you selling yourself on drinking less coffee – or selling to the top executives in a board room. Whatever the case is, if you are not selling – you are being sold. Selling in a bad economy, Overcoming call reluctance, Filling your pipeline with new business, Staying positive, despite rejection are all the things you can expect to gain from this recommended book!

recommended books8. Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk 

How about taking your hobby, your obsession, your passion and all things in between and turning them into an income? This recommended read by Gary V., takes you on a journey of how to use the power of the internet to crush out your passion. This book teaches you how to zone in on your strengths and table the weaknesses. And, there are some great analogies of how social media has completely transformed his businesses and his life – and how you can too. You could consider this book along the lines of leading by example. Because, all the things he suggests, are tried, tested and true!


recommended books9. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

Arguably, the best leadership book of all time. And, likely why it found its way to my top 10 recommended books. This read literally, takes you through the step by step laws, that if you want to be a leader – you need to apply these to your business. This read will not only help you become a better leader, but help you lead a stronger team. This book is also equipped with an evaluation tool; see how well you fare and where you can grow. This is a great addition to every bookshelf!



recommended books10. The Game of Networking by Rob Sperry

New on the scene is the recommended book by Rob Sperry who demonstrates through this read, the powerful relationship from networking to business. The primary focus or goal of this read, is to enhance your networking abilities to drive sales and create a strong referral base for both network marketing professionals and direct sales consultants. Although the title might suggest that networking is a game – Rob demonstrates what is possible with effective and intentional networking. Actionable tips and relevant examples are just two great components to this recommended reads.


I hope that this suggested list of my Top 10 Recommended Books for Network Marketing and Direct Sales was helpful. Definitely let me know which ones you have read! And, any suggestions you might be able to make in terms of books for this industry – drop them in the comments below!

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