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Upline says NO to Social Media | What to do

There is nothing more frustrating – almost maddening when we hear this; ‘my upline doesn’t want me to use social media for my business’. First of all … remind us when they became your ‘boss’. Because guess what? They’re not. And please know there are thousands of incredible upline leaders out there but, there are also the ‘not so great’ ones too.

And, with the transition over the years some are still trying to grasp these concepts;

  1. Attraction Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Relationship Marketing (online)

Is your Upline Behaving like Big Brother?

We have come to realize through working with thousands in our community is that some sponsors (also referred to as upline) monitor their distributors every move. They are creeping their Facebook or other social media platforms daily.

To the point of it being completely counter-productive.

Then, there is this lack of understanding about why you should omit your company name if you are building a business. They can’t wrap their head around this whole concept of strategy of ‘curiosity posts‘.

And, because they don’t understand it, it must be wrong.

For a long time, we racked our brains on how we could get through to these naysayers. It felt almost strange since that’s what we did ourselves when we were the black sheep. But this was different, this was us not only wanting to help network marketers build on social media the right way …

This was us trying to help them overcome the biggest obstacle of all — The upline.

Do we Believe Social Media is the Best way?

Yes, we do.

Here comes the but

.. But, we believe that those sponsors who are upset with you believe that their way, is the best way, too. And so, here’s our answer to that.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

Each network marketing professional has their own needs and wants. Spending time in other people’s living rooms more than our own, just wasn’t part of the plan any longer. Some of us, work from gymnastics or swimming pools, hockey arenas or football stadiums. Others, aren’t physically capable of being out of the home, perhaps they are preparing for retirement.

The beauty of this industry is that it is suited for just about anyone, anywhere.

And as a result there should be many different ways to build the most incredible profession out there. Because maybe your upline built a successful business cold calling and cold prospecting – to them, this is the best way, right?

We can empathize with that.

To us, building your network marketing business on Facebook is the best way. Why? Because it’s what worked for us. Unfortunately, not every upline will empathize with that — and that’s OK.

It’s OK because we don’t need them to. The best way to proving that our belief isn’t wrong, is by proving it to be ‘right’. Unfortunately, we get it the opinions or accusations they project onto you can be exhausting. In fact, it has some people even questioning why they’re even there. So before you quit and run read this statement to yourself …

‘My upline does not dictate my success. I dictate my success’

The biggest variable in our industry is ourselves. And, one of the main things taught in personal or self-development is removing the toxicity from around us, right? It encourages us to surround ourselves with those who lift us higher, those who believe in us, and those who push us to be ‘the best versions’ of ourselves.

Ultimately, this might mean having to stop answering those upline calls. It may even mean distancing yourself on social media platforms. And, it may even mean it’s time to count only, on yourself.

Here’s the deal, we want to equip you with the necessary skills if building your business on social media is your decision. We want to ensure that we have given you enough resources, feedback, suggestions, tips, tricks and all things in between so that you, can do this. And, that you can do it alone if need be.

So with that …

What to do when your Upline says NO to

Social Media Marketing

First, let your upline know that although you respect and admire their success to date using other methods, you really want to do what’s in more alignment with your strengths. Remind them that the goal hasn’t changed about building a legacy — that is still a constant.

The only dynamic factor is you want to focus on what you feel is best for you and where you believe you can make the biggest impact. Don’t use this as an opportunity for debate or worse, an argument. Use this as an opportunity to share what you want and they can support your choice or they can’t. That’s on them, not you.

Find a Community that WILL Support you!

Chances are, your upline has decided not to support your decision. This is where community can be pivotal. And, partly why we built Social Impacters.

  1. We teach network marketers to build the right way
  2. We encourage others in the community to rally around each other

(if you are not part of our community yet … you should be!)

When you have others learning the ropes like you, their support can be everything! And what we have found is that those who are executing the skills and growing massive organizations are quick to help those around them – in or out of their company. Learn from those who have been there before.

Same ideology your upline wants, right? Sure … it’s what everyone wants.

Although we do believe leveraging something as powerful as the internet is crucial.

Lead the way and Lead with Value

Instead of making a nasty post directed at your unsupportive upline, stay focused. Remember that your audience is what matters. They don’t want the junk of the industry they want the goods. Overdeliver with content and value to them. Rewarding them is far more enjoyable than attacking the ones pointing fingers.

Show your friends and followers that this industry fits all lifestyles. Demonstrate the positivity that erodes from committing to your strengths and letting go of the weaknesses. Prove to them through your content how incredible this business could be as a distributor and/or as a customer.

Don’t be steered off course becomes of someone else’s limiting beliefs.

Remember, you are given an opportunity to build YOU. Although we’re sure your company is everything you could have ever wanted (it should be!) … you are building your brand – they have theirs. Show the world how (insert your name) is building an empire.

And if you need a little push here n’ there – we got you covered!

Let us know if this was of value to you. Is this something you have dealt with or are dealing with? What has worked? And, what hasn’t. More than anything please let us know how we, can support you best.

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