sell more products using stories

How to Sell More Products Using Stories

Fun Fact:  In August 2021, 85% of our clients who generated new recruits and sales, did so using stories.

I don’t know about you but that is POWERFUL stuff.

In this blog, you’ll receive 3 of my top tips in how they were (and are) making it happen using Facebook and Instagram stories. These are things that anyone can do and can be learned and implemented in no time.

First, tune into this short video …

Using Stories to Grow your Network Marketing Business


It goes without saying that right now using stories on both Facebook and Instagram is HOT. We are seeing them convert more and more and as I mentioned above, 85% of new revenue has been generated using these features.

Tip #1 You MUST use the Engaging Features


Both Facebook and Instagram have done an amazing job providing a TON of features that we can add to our stories. Because let’s be honest, sharing a picture is one thing, but other than admire it — what do you want the viewer to do? Ideally, you want them to take some type of action or, you want to elicit some type of reaction. The engaging features I use and recommend the most are;

  1. GIFs
  2. Polls
  3. Questions


Don’t hesitate to use these engaging features when creating your stories! They are not time consuming to add to your content and, they are proven to generate responses over and over again.

Tip #2 Stop Overselling and using Corporate Graphics 


We already know that people do not like to be sold, right? This is why it is so important for you to stay true to the value you provide and creating the impact you’re seeking by being you without the sales pitch. Sure it’s appropriate to sprinkle in some sales content but the bulk of it should reflect the 80/20 rule you do for your profiles.

The second part to this tip is this … I think it’s great that corporate has started providing images to their fields … BUT the problem is, you all start to look the same. Using stories is your opportunity to stay authentic and true to who you are. Let your uniqueness shine through.

Tip #3 Focus on Taking Conversations to the DM


‘It all goes down in the DM’s!’ The key to success is network marketing and direct sales is found in the relationships you create. This is why I can’t stress enough that using the engaging features offered to you on Facebook and Instagram help move people into your DM’s.

Whether it’s a question they answered or a poll they gave their opinion on … this opens the door for you to create more dialogue with that person. And, through continued conversations are where sales and new recruits happen.

In the event you want more help and support through using stories, I encourage you to check out my 12-Day Stories Challenge >> click here to check it out today.