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How to Add Value Inside Facebook Groups

If you participate in any groups, you surely know that some people add value inside Facebook groups while others … not so much.

Since you are reading this post, you are probably the type of person who wants to add as much value as possible.

Not surprisingly, the habits of people who consistently add value stand out and are easy to replicate. If you want to make a habit out of adding value to the Facebook groups you a part of, you’ll love these tips to help you do so (that much more).

How To Add Value Inside Facebook Groups


Before I dive into the few amazing tips I have for you I want to cover one important piece to this puzzle …

When you join a new group, one of the first things you should do is look for the Community Guidelines or Rules. If there are any, they are typically posted in the Files or in the “About” area of the group.

A thriving community is not the place to do what you want and ask permission later. Enter a new group with respect and deference. Get the lay of the land first so you can pave the way for adding your best possible value. Deal?

Let’s dive into 3 things that will help you ADD VAUE inside Facebook groups today.

Focus on 2-3 Facebook Groups (max) at a Time.


Since you’re already keeping busy creating content and connecting with new prospects in Facebook messenger … PLEASE only focus on 2-3 Facebook Groups. I get it you’re excited and you want to take it ALL on but I promise you that will not serve you in the long run.

Being involved in too many facebook groups can bring you overwhelm. Additionally, it’s harder to provide the same level of value that is required of you with this strategy.

Now, if you find that any of the 2-3 groups you choose to focus your efforts in aren’t bringing you any results (engagement or otherwise), leave it. Give yourself 60-90 days in engaged groups to implement the following two tips but, don’t hang around if it is NOT serving you.

 Give to Give. Avoid Giving to Receive. 


Think about the groups you are joining. For the purpose of adding value inside Facebook groups, we have found that groups of interest are amazing for this. Avoid joining the business groups where everyone seems to have an agenda and join ones that you can;

  1. Answer questions inside
  2. Celebrate others on similar interest journeys’
  3. Provide your expertise
  4. Engage with purpose

Should you want help determining which groups would best suit your business — let me know in the comments and I am HAPPY to make some suggestions.

Contribute in Facebook Groups as Part of your Content Strategy


Remember earlier I mentioned avoiding overwhelm? Well .. this couldn’t be more true in this part of this strategy. I suggest creating value RICH posts twice a week inside Facebook Groups. And, I suggest making this part of your content strategy.

This is where skills like repurposing your existing content can be valuable and, when you are active in engaged groups, the comments and feedback on those posts are PERFECT for creating new content.

Remember, you are here to add value, you are not here to sell.

Are you using Facebook Groups as part of your business strategy yet? Would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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