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Warm Market Prospecting and Recruiting (includes script)

Would a powerful script and a few ideas for warm market prospecting be helpful? OF COURSE, right? You can use this script to open up the conversation and performs best with those ‘close’ to you to help you launch your business.

Our warm market is where many network marketers see success in the beginning of their business journey — when done the right way. And please remember, yes I am giving you something powerful – but stay true to who you are — meaning, although it’s a script, keep it as authentic as possible.

Your warm market already knows you, right?

Avoid swaying from who your genuine self is. Work with the script to help make it your own while sticking to its main principles.

Additionally, this script is equally as powerful once you start learning cold market prospecting too (and I’ve got something HUGE on this … be sure to read through to the end). Why? Because the goal of cold market is to ‘get‘ them into your warm market. My goal is to help you master warm market prospecting.

Relationships are everything in this industry.

What is Warm Market Prospecting?


A warm market is defined as a network of potential customers or distributors that you’ve had some previous contact or relationship with. These people may include;

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. co-workers
  4. neighbors
  5. colleagues
  6. church group members


… and so on.

Whereas your cold market includes potential customers who don’t know about you personally (yet) ..  like someone you’ve met while waiting for your coffee at Starbucks.

So, when we talk about warm market prospecting – we are focused on those you do know. How you approach them is so critical in your first few days of getting started, or restarted. Too often, people ‘blow’ through their warm market in the very beginning because they weren’t sure what to even say.

They just knew they were excited.

Excitement is great – so paired with what I will teach today – is powerful stuff.

Prospecting Script


Action Points:

This step-by-step script and breakdown will help you be successful in your warm market.

  1. Take out a pen and paper. You are maybe thinking this is ‘old school’ but, it continues to be one of the longest and most successful techniques. And relevant regardless of how you choose to build your business.
  2. Make your list of all the people in your ‘super’ warm market. People you see daily or weekly. Anything beyond that sort of falls into lukewarm and we’re not there yet!

Here we go …


Remember, tweak the wording to match who you are but avoid wavering off course too much!

Hey Cynthia, you may or may not have seen but I recently started my own home-based business (perfect timing given everything happening)  Now I know this is probably not the best fit for you but based on what you’ve shared with me in the past about that irritating hair loss … I feel these products could really benefit you. Just curious by chance are you open to learning more?

This approach is generally very well received. I’ve eliminated the ‘salesy’ part of the dialogue which offers a warmer and softer approach.

Why does this work? Well, here’s a little psychology 101 for you. 

  1. Always use their name. Keeps things personal, warm and friendly.
  2. Offer and retract. This is done when you let them know about the business but ‘know’ it’s probably not for them. In doing so, it takes the pressure off the receiver of your message and for others, it may prompt them to ask why you think it’s not for them.
  3. Leverage a previous conversation. Show them you’ve heard them in past and feel this is a great option or even a solution they’ve been looking for.
  4. Invitation to hear more. This way if they’re not down to hear more, it should not change your relationship with them in the slightest given an almost passive approach.


Overall, learning how to implement warm market prospecting can change the direction of your business. If you are someone who blew through this market in the beginning, just change up your wording to something like;  I know we talked about this before when I had no real idea what I was doing (laugh) and I know the business side isn’t likely for you but these products Cynthia, may help. 

You know your prospect – they know you.

These are often your best consumers!

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful – and if you have any additions let us know too!

AND before you go … cold market prospecting is also so key if you are looking to grow a business outside of the people you already know. I hosted a web class last night with a thousand+ registered and shared some GOOD stuff. In case you missed that … don’t miss THIS!

Because it’s time for you to stand out online, isn’t it?

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