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Network Marketers and Facebook Watch Parties | Part One

In March 2018, we were first introduced to Watch Parties on Facebook specific at the time, to Facebook Groups. More recently we have seen them roll out to Facebook personal profiles. So, we felt a mini series surrounding watch parties would be a smart idea because we appreciate there are a TON of (great) questions about this feature.

In fact, like anything in network marketing we believe there are right and wrong ways to do things, right? And what we hope is that with this post and the posts that will follow, we can help you utilize this feature effectively.

Because, when Facebook introduces new features to the platform they almost always launch with notifications turned ‘on’. As a result, we have seen so many people test out the watch party feature and unfortunately …

… audiences are turning notifications off.

The Goal is to Keep the Watch Parties Notifications On!

Let us explain.

Over the past couple months, many people have seen a huge decrease in Facebook Live viewers, specifically during the broadcast. We have experienced this personally and, are seeing more and more of these type posts on our newsfeed.

The primary culprit?


It went and gave itself an update and BOOM notifications defaulted to off. Which means, all those people you worked hard to have them subscribe to your live feeds more than likely have to do it — again.

And so, jumping on this new feature without some knowledge or strategy behind it to some degree, is an invite for your audience to turn their watch party notifications off on you.

Never good, right?

Let’s equip you with some solid tups and tools to maximize this feature before burning out your audience. In this post we want to share why we believe they are a huge asset to Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Profiles (personal).

And, for those who are running a Facebook Group already, how this feature can help you.

Using Facebook Watch Parties in your Groups

When we reference groups, we will break this down into 2 categories;

  1. Your Team Groups
  2. Your Customer or Prospect Groups

Differentiating the 2 is important because what you deliver in one, is more than likely not the same strategy for the other.

Let’s start with your team groups.

These are groups where you have connected those in your organizations, typically downline (but not always), and are a hub for communications to the field, training, resources, etc. They may also be (and in our opinion should be) a spot where you can welcome new people, celebrate rank advancements and anything else specific to your team.

The following is a step-by-step way to engage your group members professionally;

  1. Locate an existing training you have already done – either a Live or pre-recorded video.
  2. Create some buzz in your group that you have a valuable resource that you want to be present while it streams for some Q & A with your group.
  3. Schedule your Watch Party (date and time).
  4. When the date and time arrives, create the watch party.
  5. Upload or add the link to the previously recorded content.
  6. Throughout the training – be present! Use this time to actively engage with your audience – live – and answer any questions that may arise that weren’t covered the first go-around.

Guess what?

Although stats are limited currently with these newer feature roll-outs, to date, these videos (viewed through watch parties) are receiving upwards of 8X the engagement.

Remember, your team joined YOU.

This gives them the opportunity to take part live with you. And although the video is pre-recorded (which is actually a great time saver for you), they will still feel as though they are taking part live. And this is why your engagement on these watch parties is critical.

Bring back the Social Component

Team groups don’t always need to consist of all things business. Consider how many people joined this opportunity for the social aspects – more than most assume. As a suggestion, pick a day of the week where you can host a watch party that has nothing to do with business.

Maybe you are a leader with a team of all women.

How fun would it be to carve an hour out of your week to schedule a watch party full of laughs?

It will almost feel like you’re all hanging out in someone’s living room watching together. People can choose or not to participate of course and, this will FILL up those team members who are craving the social piece of what this industry can offer.

Ahead of time, ask your group what pages they follow on Facebook for good belly laughs.

Grab a few video links ahead of time from those pages and throw them into your watch party. Laugh it up together, enjoy each other’s company and create a buzz that will encourage others to participate next time (or encourage newcomers to check things out!)

Keeping it Social with Customer or Prospect Groups

Now, these suggestions may not suit all types of groups but an important avenue to explore. Let’s assume you admin a prospect group in the health and wellness niche. And, you have become known as an advocate for clean eating.

Take some time to locate some recipe videos on Facebook that support your niche. Schedule a watch party in your prospect group to check out these recipes together. Use the ‘watch’ time to chat about how you plan to make these recipes, what you love or don’t about them, what you may change up – and all things in between.

This allows you to spend some real time engaging with your group while leveraging the efforts of someone else’s videos. There are tons of generic videos on Facebook where you wouldn’t have to worry about ‘competition’, get familiar with those and make these a great addition to using watch parties.

Adding Value using Watch Parties

Although the tip above is in the same ballpark of value, it is generic enough that it’s focused on our niche instead of your company products or service. And so, let’s talk about how watch parties specific to your offerings can work too.


These have always been and will almost always be the best ‘selling’ tool for any industry. We love buying other people’s experiences. It is no wonder reviews are relied on some heavily in both online and traditional businesses. Reading reviews have become a huge influencer in buying decisions. So, why not create watch parties loaded with customer testimonials.

Remember, these videos do need to be available publicly on the Facebook platform (this will allow you to copy and share the link to your group). And, they don’t need to only be your customers either. We have some client groups abundant with these types of videos already.

Reuse and/or repurpose them!

Imagine creating a watch party where you will stream 2-3 testimonials videos to your exiting community. Create some buzz around the topic with headlines like;

  1. Collection of some amazing stories!
  2. Wait until you see these results …
  3. I think you will relate to this powerful story

.. be creative without being sales driven.

Focus on the story versus the products/services in your titles and content you create leading up to it. Remember, you will be present during the watch party and available to answer any questions during the viewing and take note of who wants more information that you can connect with after.

Summary of Facebook Watch Parties

Overall, we are confident that Facebook watch parties are a great asset to Facebook Groups. We want to collect more information and/or results to the more recent delivery on personal profiles before diving too far in.

So, if these few tips in today’s post were helpful – LET US KNOW! And more importantly if you would like more tips and strategies on where we are seeing results, let us know that too!

As a new feature there will always be tweaking and adjusting along the way. We would love to continue to shorten that learning curve for you and get you the content you need to explode using this platform.

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