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What Will Smith can Teach you about Network Marketing

You are probably wondering if we’re thinking about the same Will Smith, right? And, if you are thinking about the original Fresh Prince of Belair, Men in Black or I am Legend — Than the answer is yes!

It goes without saying that Will Smith has created quite a legacy. Whether it be through his acting roles, humor or more recent motivational content, his legacy touches many people. From all walks of life, all around the world.

However, what does any of this have to do with network marketing?

Will Smith Shows us much more than film

Let us paint the scenario for you …

Recently, Will celebrated his 50th Birthday. And, if you follow him at all on social media you may have caught his recent video bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. His friends and family on the sidelines cheering him on, but when it came down to the jump it was just him and the pilot.

The word commitment he repeats over and over.

He talks about just making the decision and going for it. The only thing that can hurt him is the lack of commitment to the jump. Hesitating or holding back at the wrong moment …

Sounding at all familiar?

How can you relate this to your business?

Any similarities of when you are committed to your business versus the times you may have just let off the gas? When we observe the leaders of this incredible profession they have many common traits but the one that stands out the most is commitment. They have not only made a decision to work consistently while serving others but more importantly for themselves, their families, their why.

Your Level of Commitment Matters

How committed are you to your vision?

For most people, 90 days is about the duration of their excitement. Think back to when you first started in the industry or perhaps you are within those 90 days right now. It’s possible you are scared, unsure of what to expect but than there’s the level of excitement that is almost difficult to put into words.

You love your products, your company – you feel as though you are ready to take on the world. Some people are fortunate and have a strong hot and/or warm market who support them and others are OK with still learning the ropes, right?

But then, the time for hard work kicks in. The excitement starts to fade and the level of commitment starts to dwindle. This may be something you can personally relate to whether it be with yourself or those in your teams and organizations.

It is easy to feel things like, ‘whats’ the point?’ or, ‘I knew this wasn’t for me!‘. And, here’s the truth in that – at one point or another everyone feels that way, with just about anything.

The Gym in January

If you attend the gym at all and even if you don’t, you can imagine that in January they are packed! Everyone with a new found goal for the New Year (health being among the most common), and they show up every day. They tell everyone that they are on a new health journey and ‘this time’ they’re going to stick with it.

And then, February rolls around and the gym isn’t so packed anymore. By March and April it’s back to the way it more often that not looks year round.

This isn’t because people don’t want to be healthy. Instead, it is more about the level of commitment just started to fade away. Excuses kick in and let’s be honest we can talk ourselves out of most things!

So, when Will Smith is preparing for this jump – probably the jump of his life – his message is commitment. Making the decision to be ALL IN. Apply this to your business. Imagine the possibilities if you pushed past the days that ‘it’s just too hard’. Because it is in those moments that powerful things happen.

It is in these moments leaders are created.

7 Ways to Maximize your Commitment

#1 What’s your blueprint?

This is more about you than anything else. Who are you? What do you want out of this business and/or opportunity. This is not about goals or strategy – this is about you. Who you are, your purpose, what inspires you and more importantly what will keep you going on the days you feel like quitting.

#2 Be accountable

Take and accept responsibility for your business. This isn’t about an accountability partner (which of course is a great idea), but commitment is something you own. Find ways to hold yourself accountable – Like Will Smith says ‘you have to commit‘.

#3 Be coachable

Learn from others who have come before you. Or, surround yourself with those who are heading in the same direction as you. We find a lot of times in our own Facebook community there are people who say they ‘want’ it but are quick to challenge proven and tried ways. You have to open to feedback and suggestions – don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

#4 Be yourself

Stay true to who you are even when temptation can appear and try to lead you off course. Authenticity wins every time. Network marketing is a platform that can suit anyone who, like Will Smith, makes the decision to make it work.

#5 Serve others

Although your commitment starts with you it is possibly the only area of the profession where that is the case. Your success is determined by the number of lives you serve and ultimately the lives you help change.

#6 Show up every day

This is where your level of commitment will be challenged the most. There will be sacrifices necessary, there will be parties you will miss or days you would rather not ‘work it’. We promise these are the days that matter most.

#7 Stay connected

Plug in to your network marketing community, leaders, and organizations. Use the resources available to you and take action. Lead by example and others will, follow. When people are plugged in they are encouraged if not motivated by those around them. And on the other side, when we are plugged into the wrong scenarios that will not push business forward, the level of commitment to business, will suffer.

We hope that these tips and the powerful lesson in commitment from Will Smith were helpful. We would love to hear your feedback and experiences in the comments below. Your story and journey can inspire others, don’t keep it to yourself. Be sure to share this with your teams and anyone who you feel can benefit.

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