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7 Steps to Working Full-Time and Having a Network Marketing Business

We get it. You have a busy life working full-time, family, children, book club, gymnastics, etc. It is way too easy to put off the work on your business until tomorrow, right? However, setting specific goals like ‘Write social media content for next Tuesday’ or ‘Follow up with 10 customer prospects in the next 2 days’ will help you get past that natural way of putting things off.

Now, we are not suggesting that you create a detailed plan for everything for the next year. There is simply too much that you don’t know (yet) for that to work. But knowing the next 30-90 days, and forcing yourself to get it done on a time schedule, will create positive momentum. And also will create clarity about the necessary steps that follow.

As noted entrepreneur Michael Hyatt says;

We only begin to get clarity when we get in motion.’

7 Steps to Having a Network Marketing Business While Working Full-Time

In the United States alone, approximately 550,000 people start a home-based business every month (2018 stat). And, the latest available stat from 2013 was there are approximately 28 million small business owners in the United States annually. Of those 28 million, 22 million of them work for ‘themselves’.

Why share this with you? Well, simple really … there are a whole ton of people going through the same fears, obstacles, set backs and struggles that you are. And we know that a large percentage just give up. But the ones who stick it out? We know who they are, don’t we?

They are the CEO’s running multi-million dollar businesses, the influencers crushing it on platforms like Instagram and, they are the leaders you look up to in your company.

But you work full-time. We get it.

And, most people in our industry do too. We all have to start somewhere. And we believe that getting started on the RIGHT path is what separates the 1-3% who are in it – to win it.

We hope that these 7-steps, will help you manage your current situation to your desired destination.

How bad do you want this?

Ask yourself this question. Because it’s here, that the commitment starts. It sounds simple to say you are one decision away from changing your life, but it’s true.

Write down a list of all the activities and commitments you have in your life with the amounts of time you spend there during the week. Take note of the ones you can afford to decrease your involvement with, and if necessary, let them know you are stepping back a bit to focus on a new project that means a lot to you.

The more time you can free up, the quicker you’ll be able to start seeing results. And if you find yourself in a situation of there just not being any extra time, well … Be consistent with the time you do have and adjust when you can. Remember, your network marketing business is just that, a business. Like working full-time … it had a daily commitment and somehow you make that work.

Problem solve. The right commitment will get you there.

Take note of your strengths and your weaknesses.

Audit yourself. Create a list of all the skills or qualities you require to be successful in your part-time network marketing business.

Consider the resources and tools available to you to nurture those.

Now, catalogue your strengths and your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. What are you great at? It is those things you want to spend the most time on. Too often, people get caught up in focussing on their weaknesses and hoping to change them overnight. Stop that.

Spend your time on the things you are GREAT at. Maybe it’s building your network, social media content, Facebook Live, Instagram stories, blogging – whatever. Focus on those things. Your strengths should always be at the forefront.

Uncover your competitive advantage.

What makes you different? Is there something about what you have to offer that is unique?

The strongest competitive advantage may be your own personal skill set;

  1. your unique experience
  2. storytelling ability
  3. industry knowledge
  4. strategic relationships
  5. your personal brand that you’ve built.

The strength of your competitive advantage will greatly affect your early results in going through your learning curves. The ebbs and flows of business for example.

We encourage you to write down what your competitive advantage is.

If you don’t know yet, that’s OK.

This activity is meant to nudge your entrepreneurial spirit and thinking and get you headed down the right path. Defining and continually building the strength of your competitive advantage(s) is an essential step in the starting, growing, and staying.

Be SMART with your goals

We talk about SMART goals a lot.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.

Chances are, where you are currently working full-time may use a similar scale to this if not this one. These goals can be developed for all areas of your part-time business. Whether it be content, follow-ups, prospecting, etc. Set SMART goals for each of them.

Then, be sure to re-evaluate them monthly, bi-monthly — whatever works best for you.

Don’t just manage your time …

Own your time. We have already agreed that you are busy, right? So how do you manage working full-time and taking on a home-based business? Time management. You need to be super specific in what this looks like AND stick to it.

If you schedule productive social media time, don’t get caught scrolling the feed.

Be intentional.

If your goal is to connect with 10 new people, get to it and don’t do another things online until that’s done. Do not allow yourself to negotiate your time (with yourself!). No exceptions to the rule. And what we have found to be helpful is letting your family know what your schedule will look like. Instead of trying to ‘squeeze’ things in – schedule it and let your family know you’re busy for 30 minutes.

When others around you know your schedule and your intention behind the time you are taking away – they will respect it and chances are, grow to support it.

Trade off your weekends.

Oprah Winfrey said,

‘You can have it all, just not all at once.’

This is a perfect quote for those working full-time and building a part-time business. And if you have other commitments, like kids or a partner, it can feel like triple duty, right?

When you’re starting to see traction in your business, then now is the time to make those nights and weekends count. We’re not saying drop everything, but you should be willing to make some tradeoffs so that you can meet your goals.

Your time is your most valuable resource right now, so use it wisely.

Or Jim Rohn once said, ‘work full-time on your job and part-time on your fortune.’

Don’t forget to have fun.

Although the goal is to become so focused on your business, blinders up, staying productive, etc. Do not forget to come up for air.

Schedule in the time to have fun, even if now it may be in shorter doses. That is OK but don’t let them out to pasture and forget about them. Balance and having that zest for life is so important.

Additionally, here’s one example where you can incorporate both is let’s assume you are having a team meeting and it’s scheduled for one hour. Spend the first 10 minutes or so chatting it up – catching up with life, etc. Then spend the next 40 minutes on the grind. Then, use your last 10 minutes to debrief, unwind and saying goodbyes.

Chances are when you allow that ‘fun’ time, those 40 minutes will be far more productive than the 60 without it scheduled in. What have you got to lose? Ever wonder why those working full-time usually hate meetings?

They’re dry and boring – they feel like they should have been an email instead, right? A little social time, or complimentary coffee even would change that tone – so find ways to incorporate that into your part-time business too.

We would love to help you start crush online business, too.

Think: What is one way you can make more time to work on your business?

Tell us about in the comments below, and we will get back to you!

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